Do I go Medium or Large Pandora?

  1. I've been eyeing the Pandora for years and may just bite the bullet for summer. I'm trying to get away from GIGANTIC bags, but at the same time, I am six feet tall so I don't to carry a too small a bag where it makes me look like a giant. So, I'm debating between the medium and large. The price difference is so small . . . any advice would be great!!!;)
  2. if you are tall, large would be good. The strap for medium is a little too short. I am a guy and I am nearly your height and I use large.
  3. Just got a medium Pandora and it's the perfect size for me! I was worried about it being too big. I'm 5"4' though so maybe the large would be just nice for you!
  4. I'm 5"2'. Medium is big enough to store many stuffs.
  5. You'll probably look better with a large. The medium is the perfect size for me. I'm 5'2. I would also suggest looking at the Pandora threads for reference. There are modeling pics depicting size differences.

  6. ^^ I agree. I'm 5'3" and have a medium which is a good size for me. Also, the leather type can make a difference as the softer leathers collapse which makes the bag seem smaller than leathers that are stiffer and look more structured.
  7. I suggest a Large if you're tall (looks more proportionate). But also depends on how much you pack in your bag :smile: Best is to try on both sizes in person and placing your things inside to see which one fits you more.
  8. hmmm...sounds like I better go with large so it is proportionate to my height. Thanks everyone!!!!
  9. I'm 6ft as well, and a size 8. I tried on both the medium and the large and the medium was nice and looked nice, but there's something about the proportion of the bag that made the large really pop on my frame. It slouches in a more flattering way around my body. When I first tried on a pandora, the medium, I was kind of unimpressed. The second time a SA convinced me to put it on, we tried the large and I was sold, nearly immediately. So my vote is for the large. :smile:
  10. I am having the hardest time deciding if I should get a medium or large. I got the medium in a cream color and the large in black shiny leather with GHW. I really like the slouchiness of the large and like how it opens up more. The medium seems more structured which I don't like.

    My goal here was to get a black one, but I could not find a medium black on sale. My large was $1250 so I am happy with that price and basic black.

    I am 5'6" for reference and a size 4 about 130 lbs. I just want to make sure that large would be a good size. I check out a lot of reference about pandoras and seems like most people have a medium. I really love the sale price though.
  11. Large :smile: because you are tall.
    I am getting mine next week... going for the large, black wash leather.
  12. if your tall than Large...I'm like 5"8 I got medium...and I am not skinny lol
  13. I don't think you can go wrong with a large, ymmv though. I'm 5'9" 170lbs male and large is perfect.
  14. Definitely large. :heart:
  15. large if you're about 5'5'' and not model thin. The straps will sit better with that size too.