Do I Go For Princess or Round Solitaire Studs??

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  1. I would like to buy a 1.00 carat solitire studs ,and am unsure whether to go for princess or round .
    I have the following --.50 in princess and also .50 in round ,now i want to upgrade it .
    Any suggestions will be welcomed .
  2. i personally would pick round
  3. I like round ones more..
  4. Round- I think they give more sparkle.
  5. I prefer the round ones; they are always centered correctly. With the princess ones, you never know if one is squared and the other is in a diamond position. :smile:
  6. I would choose round.
  7. I prefer princess cut..maybe because I own a pair. :P
  8. Try on both... I've tried on both to compare.. IMO the rounds sparkled more. ;)
  9. I prefer princess, but that's probably because my wedding set is all princess cut. I think it's a little more modern-looking than round. But I'm a little less traditional style-wise. If you're more traditional, than I'd go for round.
  10. My preference is round.
  11. Round.
  12. definitely round :smile:
  13. Round. My engagement ring is princess (which I love) so I thought I would prefer that cut, but after trying some I much prefer the round for studs. :yes:
  14. I love how princess cut looks (very modern) but honestly I think the round cut sparkles more :smile:
  15. Round brilliant.