Do I go for it?!?!

gigi leung

Feb 14, 2006
PGN said:
It's official- I'm in love. I drove almost a hour just to take another look at the kelly hoping my heart would not pitter-patter at the sight:lol: I have to have this bag! It is a 32 cm black togo souple with palladium hardware.

The SA is incredible. She is still holding it for me until april7-8 so I can get double points on my NM card. I told her I def wanted it. The other kelly was a burgandy and it was a 35cm rigid.

It actually was a more formal bag than the souple black-but still gorgeous! I must be insane but I really want this bag. I will probably be posting some of my other bags in the WTS forum soon!! The SA said she has a 35 black box kelly that is almost 25 years old- it just withstands the test of time:love:
Oh PGN, I'm so glad you drove all the way to see the Kelly again! :nuts: I read in another thread you wore jeans on purpose to see how the Kelly would go with it right ? :smile: Anyway, your SA is so sweet to hold the bag for you!

I have two 32cm souple Kellys & I love them sooo much!!! :love: If I were you I'd definitely pick the 32cm black souple Kelly! That is one bag that you will wear alot & you'll love for many years to come!!! Congrats on your decision & do keep us posted when you get the Kelly! :amuse:


Addicted to H
Jan 15, 2006
PGN, sounds wonderful! Where are you located and where is the store?

I am in a similar situation. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is about 50 miles from the NM-Troy store with a small Hermes boutique in it. Otherwise, the Hermes boutique in Chicago, 240 miles away, is the closest one. (Actually, there's one in a Cuffs, in Cleveland too. But it's small.)


Mar 9, 2006
If they will let you buy and then return you should scoop the black one up and just look at it and handle it at home. If you are not happy after a while you can return. You will love it I am soooo sure. mean you can't even find a back box calf Kelly? Weird. Do they really scoop them up that fast?


Holiday Joys!
Mar 1, 2006
PGN, I'm sure you made the right choice. A black 32cm Togo Kelly is a classic. Do keep us posted when you get it. :smile:


Feb 5, 2006
shoes319 said:
Are you going to do it?? Do tell!

Yep!!:nuts: I'm gonna do it!:nuts: The incredible SA is holding it for me until next thurs so I can get double points on my NM card. I told her I def wanted it.She seemed relieved because I think the manager was giving her a hard time about holding it esp if the sale wasn't for sure.


Mar 14, 2006
New England
Yeah!!! You are very patient - I don't think I could wait a week LOL!! BTW, your kitty looks like mine! Adorable:love: Can't wait to see pics...