Do I go for it?!?!

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  1. I knew I should have stayed away from the Hermes forum!!:P Now I am dying for a birkin!! I went by Hermes today and while they did not have a birkin they had 2 kellys. One in burgandy and one in black. I :love: the black! I'm not sure of the leather-it was "pebbled" but not as much as the togo leather. The hardware was palladium. What should I do? Do I buy it? Do I wait for a birkin? The way the SA talked I could be waiting a lifetime for a birkin! Or do I buy it and wait a few years for the birkin? The price is 5150.00 *gulp* Can the kelly be worn with jeans and casual wear? I have been thinking about this bag all day.......Ohhh what to do-what to do!!
  2. To me kelly is a very formal bag, especially in black... but if u wear more casual outfits, i would say go for the burgandy. It is a great color as well~
  3. It sucks that the birkin takes so long to get- but if you go on the waitlist or keep calling Hermes boutiques, I am sure you will get one eventually! I say hold off on the Kelly if that is not what you truly want, and put that money towards the birkin:love:
  4. If you can afford both, buy the black Kelly now. One of the most elegant and timeless bags ever! Yes, of course you can wear it with jeans!! It's fabulous with jeans, a white tee and ballet flats or something... :smile:
  5. Black kelly.
  6. I'd say hold out, birkins are available pretty frequently here :lol: Maybe just go to another boutique or look for one while traveling...or better yet, buy the Kelly and then wait for the birkin :lol: You have some time IMO though, black Kellys are almost always available over here, not sure what the situation is there.
  7. Noriko, I need to book my Hawaii plane ticket. I want a black box Kelly so badly!!
  8. If you really love the kelly then get it! If not, wait for the birkin.
  9. You sooo do! :biggrin: I swear I always see a black Kelly (a lot of times in box) when I go to Hermes. Lets go pick it up together! :biggrin:
  10. Deal!! I wish my store was like that. Okay. At least I know that when I come to Hawaii one has a good shot of being there.
    My guess - in the tropical Oahu climate, black box bags aren't as popular as the brights?
  11. ^^^I'm not sure actually. There are a LOT of tourists to compete with as well, mostly from Japan. We need to walk in on your Kelly and my birkin on the same day...:nuts:
  12. HAHA! That would be fabulous!!
  13. I'm so undecided. The SA was incredibly nice. The boutique is actually in NM and she offerred to hold the bag for me for 2 weeks until NM has this double point promo. She said I would get one heck of a gift card with double points. Of course I would call her if I change my mind. I wish it wasn't 50 miles from me. I may need to trek back down there this weekend to try it out. Also-I don't know what kind of return policy regular Hermes boutiques have but the SA said this bag has the same return policy as NM.
  14. PGN, this SA sounds incredibly nice! Holding an Hermes bag for you for 2 weeks ? That's pretty exceptional :idea: Do you know what leather and size is the black Kelly that she's holding for you ?

    I think all regular Hermes boutiques do store credit within a certain time period. No refunds. Anyone please correct me if otherwise. Thanks! :smile:
  15. PGN - It's amazing that the SA will hold the bag for you. It's not so normal, especially for 2 weeks.

    If the Kelly hit you in the heart, buy it. If you're in limbo, maybe wait for the Birkin.