Do I give her a home?

  1. Hello! I posted this recent acquisition in another thread, and mentioned I left the tags on but will probably keep her.
    She’s a vintage black caviar small classic flap w real gold plated hardware.
    I’m just slightly on the fence because it came in such a dirty and unloved condition (though structurally almost perfect) and the reseller didn’t disclose some small imperfections on the side. It looks like the bag was scraped by something silver (a car door maybe). See pic.
    There were even gum wrappers still in the back pocket! The humiliation she endured!!! Poor baby.
    Anyway, I cleaned her gently and she perked up. Poor thing, my rag was just filthy with dust and dirt when I finished.
    Would you ignore the silver paint marks? I paid $3300 for her and it’s hard finding a size small caviar in the preowned market. I can return her, supposedly, but must be quick if I do. XO
    01C00E66-06B7-4DA0-85DC-CFB2B333919D.jpeg 819884E1-2502-4420-9796-6EE6AC9717DD.jpeg F01A3F39-2F03-4FBD-AE9B-502C9000653A.jpeg
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  2. I'd ignore them, perk the bag up as best I can and enjoy that I found a lovely bag. Me though. Maybe someone can inform if that's a good enough price to ignore the frustration with the seller's lack of disclosure.

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  3. I think it adds character! Too gorgeous of a bag to let go for such tiny spots! I’d keep her!
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  4. GUESS WHAT??!! I took some olive oil, held my breath, and geeeeeeently rubbed with my fingernail. Paint is gone!!! :yahoo:
  5. Before I read your last post I was also going to say keep (even with the marks)! A beautiful bag who now has a good home :smile:
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  6. How lucky that she found a home with someone who will treat her with the loving kindness she she can bask in glory with her new lovely owner!!!

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  7. Phewf! So glad that the paint came off for you! She’s such a special beauty and perfect size it’s be so sad to have to return her. :blush::blush:

    I can’t believe the seller left her trash in there and didn’t make any effort to clean up the bag before selling it and didn’t disclose the full condition! People are quite unbelievable aren’t they :confused1:

    Do you mind me asking where you bought her?
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  8. I’ll message u
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  9. Thank you :flowers:
  10. Thanks, my sweethearts!
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  11. What a gorgeous bag. I would definitely keep it as I’m really fond of small classic
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  12. Hahaha soooo lucky and happy for you!!!! Total keeper and seriously the bag is so lucky to now have found a great new home and an owner who will love and care for it! Definitely keep!
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  13. Great bag! Congrats!!
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  14. It’s a beautiful bag.... I wouldn’t let her go.
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  15. keep her!
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