Do I get rid of my only Gucci?


Nov 12, 2006
This may be the wrong forum to ask this but here goes.

I have a New Britt Medium Hobo which I believe I purchased 1 or 2 years ago. It is the white/logo style. It was $550 retail at Saks.

In the past I loved the bag for summer and travel as it is light, fits nice under the shoulder, etc. BUT I think I am not liking the logo thing anymore. I mean I have 2 LV logo bags, but I am kind of thinking that is enough. Maybe I should get something else for summer.

Its the only Gucci bag I now own (with the exception of a huge black tote I inherited, rarely ever worn).

Will I regret it? I won't get much money for it but am I better off getting a non-logo or will I regret not having an everyday gucci? Since I wouldn't get much money for it, should I just choke up the cash cause I want a new summer bag and keep the Gucci?

anyone ever get rid of a bag and regret it?


Aug 31, 2008
San Diego, CA
i am constantly changing my taste in bags, clothes, shoes....etc. so i am always facing that question. any purse you have will lose value once its been used. you can't expect to not lose any money. if you leave it in the closet, it is still lost money..AND its not useful. if you sell it and use it on a new least its put to good use --> you'll be happy, and have a hot new purse that was on sale! :yahoo:


Nov 12, 2006
good thoughts ladies. I actually thought you all would tell me to keep it!

I think I may wait out till spring gets closer and see if there is something I really love to replace it. I do like the fact that it is a great bag to travel with.

Oh, if I get rid of it, I probably would not be able to replace it as it is no longer sold.


But its on sale!
Jun 6, 2008
If you don't use it get rid of it and get something you will use. No sense in keeping a back locked up in the closet.
Apr 17, 2007
I would say keep it since it is no longer sold. I think the britts will be collectors items like the blondie


Jun 12, 2007
well, i am in the exact same dilemma, i have some guccis that i really love the designs but i dont use them, yet they are such nice tom ford designs in those days and so brand new, some i dont use...its hard to choose between keeping or selling them off at a huge lost.

however, i do agree with if your taste kept changing and you like something else more at this point, you might wanna consider before you change your mind again... 


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Feb 27, 2007
I'd say keep it. I sounds as you still see some use/love in it and are just a bit bored with it. Use another for a while and then look at this again, if you're still not liking it after a while, sell it. You'll probably get the most money out of it selling it in spring or summer anyway..