Do I Get PP Involved Or Sent back now?

Nov 12, 2006
Devon, Uk
Hi Girlies!!

I Bought a pair of :heart:chanel :heart:pearl earrings last week from america!
supposedly bnib and authentic I paid $250 for them
I received them yesterday to find the ear parts dirty and a pearl had fell off
I emailed the seller who is a Big seller who sells many high item products with 99.9% feedback
He said they were posted in perfect condition and they were a ex-display model...Funny how he never mentioned that in his listing!!
He said to sent back for a refund minus shipping which was $35!
I then said thats not fair as its your fault...he then agreed for full Price paid...
Do i sent back now? or do i get paypal involved as im a bit scared he might not refund?
All my transactions run smoothly I never had to do this before so im really unsure what to do?
Please help me out guys!!!:confused1:


May 14, 2007
I'm in a similar boat!! New to ebay, and i just shipped back a FAKE bag- the seller promised she'd refund my $ once getting it back....... but I'm totally fearing the worst. Did I blow it by sending the bag back?
I'm so sick of ebay CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at least there's still hope for both of us, RBB!
fingers crossed it works out for us both :smile:
Can't wait to see the responses to your post.


Apr 26, 2007
London, UK & CA, USA
If its any help - I brought 2 bags recently of Ebay - both turned out to be fakes - bth were sent back - receieved Paypal refund for 1 and cheque refund for 1 - was not easy but did go through - you need to be very first and send back through a insured method - Photograph the item before returning it and keep in constant contact with the Seller - Send them pics too so they know you have documented the return...
Feb 6, 2007
You've received good advice. Take pictures of the item. Return with delivery or signature confirmation. Retain a copy of postal record. Keep track of shipment and when it arrives contact seller and request immediate refund. Don't allow it to drag on for days. If the amount isn't refunded within 24-48 hours you should file PayPal dispute. Dishonest people make it difficult for honest brokers. I'm sorry it happened. Good Luck to you!!:hrmm: