Do I Get A Gaucho??? I Need Help!!! =)

Luva Pug

In a H dream...
Dec 26, 2006
Hi im a newbie here! and i already love it! im in a dilema! it is time for a new bag and i really dont know if i should get a gaucho or a balenciaga. i thought id ask your opinion as i have not owned a dior. my little collection contains fendi, miu miu, LV, mulberry and mulberry.:yes:
the only thing is that im worried the gaucho is too big and ive heard they are heavy? my spy is heavy enough but i love it. is it one of those, it looks great so it doesnt matter if its uncomfy?
thanks for your help!:idea:
Hiya Luvapug,

I can't speak for all the gaucho sizes since I only have the medium sized ones and I don't find them heavy at all. I've used the gaucho as my work bag this year and I didn't feel that was too cumbersome at all. I don't like big bags since I don't really carry a lot so the medium was the perfect size for me.

I'm sure the others will tell you about their experiences with the other gaucho sizes. Hope that helps and good luck. :smile:
I too own the medium gaucho and don't find it heavy at all. My bag actually fits a lot of stuff inside, and trust me, I carry a lot of stuff with me.

Hope this helps!
yes thankyou helps loadz! so the medium is the one to go for then, do you prefer the normal one to the tote, i really dont know which one i prefer? im thinking tote because i like the way the flap covers the whole bag xx
I have this one, I'm not sure whether its the tote or not.
biana83 - it's the medium gaucho you have. ;)

luva pug - i have a medium gaucho myself and i love it. it's really my favourite bag among the couple of bags i have. it's a little heavy but i'd like to think it's more like "sturdy" than heavy. i've tried the red tote before but i found it too big (the medium is a nice size for an everyday bag as it is, imo) and a bit bothersome since if i had to carry more things on hand, i can't simply carry it on my shoulder (i like to be hands free most of the time). so it depends on what sort of use you'd be putting the gaucho through actually. ;)
yes that is lovely! i think you are right though, the medium would be best! if its about the same weight as a spy then i can cope with that. but i realised today i have the smallest version of the spy! god knows how heavy the large would be!i cant believe it is only £300 with no bids! are people mad??? i will have to watch it!
thanks for your help xx now ive got to decide what colour to get it in! i do think i want the long strap one and not the tote, it annoys me when you cant put your bags over your shoulder! x
i absolutely recommend a medium gaucho and hey guess what think twice b4 u say no to a tote ... they look absolutely fantastic with those handles ! :P

and better get ready for a balenciaga too once u get gaucho ur gonna start dreaming about a b bag! :smile: