Do I Don't I? Damaged Vintage Chanel

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  1. Hi there (apologies if I wasn't supposed to start a new thread! New here (hi!)),
    I've been on the look out for the vintage Jumbo Maxi in vertical stripes and luckily have come across one, however it isn't in the best condition and wondered if I could get people's opinions on whether they think it's worth getting/What they'd pay and if this type of damage could be restored by Chanel. I'll upload the pics now.
    Any advice would be so appreciated! xx

    ps. If anyone has any info regarding Chanel restoration services (aka can they fix a hole in the leather as photographed) and pricing for the UK I'd be most grateful!

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  2. I would always be willing to give a damaged bag a chance as a lot of them have so much potential. I recently bought a damaged Speedy 30 myself for less than $200 and only spent $40 to fix it up beautifully! The vertical Jumbo I've seen usually range between $2,200 USD to $3,500 depending on the condition (the velvet ones sell for less than the full leather ones, so that may also be another alternative to consider as well). Given the hole in the bag, I would probably say that $1,500 USD would be a fair price, but try to get it down even further! As for repairs, I only do mine with aftermarket places. I'm pretty sure there is someone out there willing to do it, but not sure if Chanel offers the service or not given that I've never went through them before.
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  3. Have you looked on boutiquepatina and Ann'sFabulous finds? They had the bag in exact specs, or at least one of them did. Not sure if it's gone.

    Take a look , perhaps?
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  4. It's well worth it to call Leather Surgeons and discuss what options you have and what the cost will be. You can send pics into them and they will be able to see things you may not even know.....Also, you can get a value of the bag as well as authentication from Etinceler. This is not a difficult bag to find-I found one recently on the RealReal and I love it.

    I don't think Chanel will do an overhaul of this type of a vintage bag. Supposedly, they have discontinued this. But if you go to Leather Surgeons, it's the same anyway.
  5. I did talk to Chanel Sloan Street before and they said they could not help with any leather related issues. Only replacing hws.
  6. Wait for a better one!! There's a lot of damage on this one and even some major structure loss. It's hard to be patient but I promise the perfect one will come along! Do not settle!! Esp if they're asking over $1800-2000 range. Not sure if leather surgeons takes international clients but if it were me, there's no one else I would trust my Chanels with, based in everything I've heard about them here on the forum. Good luck!
  7. I agree. There are a lot of damages for this bag.. Unless the price is extremely low and you can fix some of the issues yourself (the hole is a big issue to try to fix) then it is not worth it even for Chanel. Also if you think you may want to sell the bag in the future, then it may be difficult.
  8. I've seen this listing and though it's cheap it's not worth it. It has major damage and cannot be restored fully. If you're still interested, try Rago Brothers as well, maybe they can help.
  9. Hello,
    I have restored some vintage bags in not great shape, when the price was right. As gail13 already suggested, I would email the listing photos to Leather Surgeons and see what they say. I have proceeded and my refurbished bags have turned out really well, imo. I think only you can know what you can live with. Gerry was amazing and was able to repair a very deep scratch and regild the hardware and the bags turned out beautiful. They ph balance the leather, rehydrate and clean the leather as well. It was worth it to me. Also for $8 as gail13 mentioned, etinceler with authenticate the bag and you will get an idea of its estimated value. The authentication is $7, for $8 (one dollar more) you can get the estimated value of the bag. It'll help you decide if it is worth the decision. These bags are older and will never look new again, but the quality is amazing. Gerry is truly an artist. Hope this helps!
  10. I just got this one today from a reseller in Japan. Condition is excellent. Price was reasonable. Leather feels like silk. Of course it's too big for me! Can you return this one and wait for a better one?

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466915938.601790.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466915947.914242.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466915956.180775.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466915964.785546.jpg
  11. Don't mean to hijack OP's thread but your is gorgeous Tracey!! Are u keeping??

    To OP - perfect example of a beautiful vintage. They are out there, be patient!!
  12. ohhhhh, probably not. I can't return it to Japan of all places, but I can't imagine a scenario where I would use it. If I was still living and working in NYC, and needed a great day bag, and wanted to carry around my iPad, PERFECT bag. But for my lifestyle, ugh. Too big. Absolutely beautiful, but too big. The construction is amazing. I tell you, I get the 'vintage' quality vs current quality. There's a big difference :smile:
  13. The bag is in poor condition...I don't think it's worth your while. I've seen the same bag in much better condition on Portero, Boutique Patina and such.
  14. Hi everyone - thanks for all your feedback! Decided to take your advice as I think it's just too damaged. I'd rather just save up for a new bag from another brand! & Tracey that is absolutely GORGEOUS! Such a shame you feel it doesn't suit your needs! Any chance you're looking to sell?? hahaha
    Thanks again everyone for your help - I'm new to vintage AND Chanel browsing. :smile: