Do I do it correctly?

  1. I went to Burlington Coat Factory today and bought the appleguard leather conditioner and anti-water spray for my new white baby spy, which has gotten dirty in the short 2 or 3 week span that I've had it :cry:. I've read on the forum that the leather conditioner actually acts as a light cleaner so I was hoping it would remove some of the dirt. However, while it removed a little, it did not do half of what I expected. I was wondering if you really have to scrub it or maybe my expectations were simply to high? Does anyone have any other suggestions for removing dirt and actually a pen mark also :shame: from white spy leather? Oh and one other thing. How does everyone go about spraying thier bags with the water resistant spray? Do you lie it out somewhere and just spray? Sorry for the long winded post but hopefully you guys can help.
  2. Nevermind. Could this post be deleted please.
  3. no please don't delete!! I've been thinking about getting a white spy - and this is important stuff - please someone with a white spy - please tell us how to keep it clean!! thank you