Do I dare buy a Chloe from Bluefly?

  1. I think people have had authenticity problems with Chloe bags from Bluefly in the past. Was this related to a specific style? Should I just order one and return it if there's a problem?

    Looking at an Edith... thanks for any advice you can give me.
  2. I bought a wallet from bluefly and it was authentic. If you get the bag and somethings wrong you could always send it back.
    Did you try Chloe Bahrain? There Edith's are on sale for less than $800.
  3. Never had anything other than authentic with Bluefly. Don't take off the security tag if you plan to return it:smile:
  4. I just got a gorgeous and authentic zippy bouler paddy from bluefly. It's an 07 and the leather is sooo nice.:heart: It's super soft.

    They now put tags on their bags and only accept returns if the tag is still attached to help prevent "bait and switch: similar to what Net-a-porter does. As long as the tag is attached, you can return an item easily.

    If you set up a new account (new email address) and use the code 337 you should get an add'l 20% off.
  5. Oh, since you are looking for an Edith... check out the post someone just made about sale paddies at Bloomingdales... she mentions some 40% off Ediths! :heart:
  6. Absolutely! Just understand that your return credit can take up to 6 weeks (I think my longest was 4).

    I just returned 700 dollar Gucci boots to BF. I held on to them for a week thinking about what to do. I'll probably have to pay up front and wait for the credit to go into my next cycle but that's okay. The boots really were at a fabulous price after I applied all of my discounts.

    Too bad the heel was too high.
  7. I'm sorry but once fakes always fakes. Are you really willing to take the risk and all the hassle with returns etc. I say stear clear and look eslewhere

    Good luck
  8. Could someone please give me the lowdown on what the issue is with Bluefly? I always thought they were 100% :amazed:
  9. Mooks

    Not at all, I think recently they have been better but in the past sold quite a large number of fakes and refused to do anything about it like take them off their site etc. Then there was a huge hassle for a lot of people getting their money back. As I said recently they seem to have been getting better but to my mind one selling fakes could mean it happens again. For my hard earned cash I would rather stick with really reputable sites that have never had a fake issue.
  10. Meant to say as well if you do a search on the threads on the PF here you will see all the other stories about it
  11. Thanks very much! :smile: I've never bought from them as I'm UK based and they don't ship here (last time I looked anyway) and the one time I had stuff shipped to a friend in the US the whole thing was a disaster
  12. Mooks I am a Uker too - welcome! Fab to have another one on here

    Loads of great people on here and great UK sites so everyone seems to rally round to help people get theee bag they want!
  13. Good stuff! I'm on the lookout for a Chloe Edith and a reputable seller on eBay has the one I want but with so many people finding great bargains Stateside I'm glad to have someone to ship it to!!