Do I buy the bag they show me or ask for a "fresh one"??

  1. This seems like a silly question but if you are buying a bag, shouldn't you get one that is newly packaged and hasn't been handled??? I was in the store the week before April 1 and they showed me the Hampstead MM - it was love at first sight. They couldn't sell it to me until April 1. Since I live some distance away, I was lazy and had them ring it up on April 1 and ship it to me vs coming back to the store the following week to get it. When I received it, I noticed the blue film was off the plaque and the handles were attached. I think they sent me the bag they'd been using as the demo model. While the bag seemed to be in good condition, I would have preferred one that was brand new, still packaged as such.. Whenever I've purchased bags at the store, they usually give me one from the back that is newly packaged. Do they ever sell you the bag on display?? I've noticed in a lot of the pictures and forum discussion, everyone references the blue film and having the handles not attached - as I mentioned, mine was fully assempled with the film removed - in fact, - one of the side snaps was snapped, one was unsnapped.. Am I being too fussy? I do love the bag!
  2. Although I haven't purchased many bags from the store before (only a couple so far...and soon-to-be three on Monday!) I always check that the bag is in pristine condition before buying. i don't mind if it's a demo model or kept in stock for a long long as it's in perfect condition. The bag I'm picking up tomorrow is the only one they have, and since I don't want to do a charge-send from anywhere else (because that means I won't be able to see the bag in person anyway!) I'm just going to take that one. Last time I checked there was absolutely nothing wrong with it.
  3. you're not being fussy. i would be rather suspicious of those things too. from my understanding, SAs should tell you if the one you are purchasing is a floor model. i would take it back and ask for another one. another possibility is that the SA assembled it for you prior to shipment.
  4. It doesn't hurt to ask for a new one if they have it. You're paying a lot of money for it..but as long as the demo model is in perfect condition, I'd be ok with that.
  5. If opening a LV box and assembling the bag or removing the film is super important to you I'd return it. I understand the feeling of getting a fresh brand new bag and it is so much different than a bag that has been handled before.

    Now if the bag had scratches, scuffs or marks I'd return it for a brand new one. But otherwise, I'd be using it from the moment I opened the box!

  6. They should give you a fresh one unless it's the only one left. Try calling if they have a new one.

    Personally if there isnt any flaw in the bag I wouldnt think about it. I like the very light patina instead of the brand new almost-offwhite vachetta.
  7. If you bought it from the boutique, the bags are supposed to NOT have the plastic wrappings on the handles (or that's what my SA told me). The blue film to protect the hardware is often left on, however, it's not necessary to be left on because sometimes the SAs also peel them off.

    I would not start guessing whether the bag's a demo or not because you really don't know unless you go shop in person. Some of my bags were directly from the back store and they don't have the plastic wrappings nor the blue film. The only way you can tell is by obvious abrasions on the bag or by looking at the patina. If the bag's been sitting under the lights for a month or so, it'll be darker than the brandnew bags from the back of the store (but i guess you can't really tell cuz it's damier).

    I personally would not worry about it. You said your bag's in good shape, so that's all that matters. Sometimes I specifically CHOOSE to have the demo bag because either I like the symmetry, leather, colour, or stitchings better.
  8. Yes, they normally rip off the plastic wrapping on the handles as well as peel off the blue film. When I buy I ask if they have another one to compare and I just make my purchase based on that. Sometimes I take the one that has been on the floor because I like the way it looks more than one from the back. Just the other day my friend purchased the floor bag because the new one they took out from the back's zipper was not as straight.
  9. sometimes they do that b/c it's the only one left in the store in that style. This happened when I bought the Riveting and my Mini Lin Ebene Speedy was the display. It was the only one they had left, but I would ask for another one if there are anymore or wait until they get another shipment!

  10. ooopps! i didnt check closely. the damier handles are brown - not vachetta. but i still say don't worry too much. the hampstead is a new release so they'll probably have only a limited stock. you might have to wait for a new shipment if you really want something "fresh" :smile:
  11. most SA's will peel off the plastic film before they wrap it up to you, unless you ask them to keep it on.

    They also sometimes attach the straps for you too
  12. Mine from the store are always from the back & assembled & film peeled- that's why when they say "I'll be back with your bag shortly" they are gone for 15 minutes or so & then I start looking at other stuff while waiting for them then I end up wanting more.
    They're actually getting my new bag ready, they aren't really torturing me!
  13. When I make my decision on which bag I want they then get me a fresh one. I don't even ask for that they just do it. That has always happened at the LV in Calgary
  14. you should get a fresh one, if your spending that kind of money you deserve it in A++++++++ quality!

  15. better ask for a new bag everytime, cause sometimes SAs are careless bout those things,they should tell you that they dont have stocks anymore if there gonna give you the floor model, doesnt hurt to ask
    anyways goodluck!!!!

    happy shopping!!!:graucho: :graucho: :graucho: