Do I buy or dont I?

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  1. This would be my 1st Chanel, and I dont want a black flap! Opinions please!!:graucho:

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  2. Is that fabric? I wouldn't spend $$$$ on a fabric bag .. too fragile.
    Are you wanting something 'different'?? Metallic? Red?
  3. yes I love different and am open to suggestion!!
  4. I'm not in love with it, sorry. Too trendy for me. Chanel has lots of options besides black. In the end though, only your opinion matters.
  5. I don't like it, sorry. Ultimately, it's up to you.:smile:
  6. ^ita.
  7. Tpf member **CHANEL** left some images of the moujik bag in your other thread. You should check it out...
  8. Me too... won't spend on fabric. It's just my quirk. Buy it if you loved it :biggrin:
  9. I'm sorry. I don't like this bag either. any classic or reissue flap of any colour can do but not fabric.
  10. forget it dear! any other choices?
  11. Sorry, I tend to agree with the rest. Too trendy, too much for fabric, and not sturdy enough. I would get a tote or a grey/beige flap. But in the end, if your heart skips a beat, then go for it!
  12. Me too, for the kind of price, i would only go for leather than fabric. Fabric needs constant professional cleaning and fabric can be torned!

    Normally is the fabric bags that go on sales.

    If you dont like black, there are many colours to choose from.
  13. Agh... This is why I post here!! I know that a fabric WHITE BAG will stain etc... The honesty stops me from wasting my $$ and the advice is priceless!! thank you ladies. while I adore the pattern of this bag ( i love a fem-bag) Iti is not 1 for the age so thank you.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I have to say I always love the colorful patent on Chanel fabric bag from each season. but, yeah, I agree with most of ppl above, it;s too hard to keep.

    But why don;t have something different? oh, I am so annoying...:P
  15. Sorry to say I agree with the other ladies. Wouldn't buy this one.