Do I Buy? Or Do I Wait?

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  1. For a year I have wanted something in Azur. So, yesterday I went to the LV store with the intention of buying the DA Neverfull and the DA Sarah wallet.
    I walked out with just the DA Neverfull purse, which I LOVE. (my first azur and my first Neverfull) :biggrin:

    I've tried different wallets and the Sarah is my absolute favorite, but the I reason I didn't walk out with the Sarah wallet is because my SA started showing me all different SLG's and one of the wallets she showed me was the NEW Sarah wallet. (in monogram) And I loved it. Those extra card slots and the slot on the outside of the wallet were fantastic. She said she doesn't know for sure, but if the past patterns of LV bringing out new items hold true, the DE will come out in a few months (she could see that picture on her computer) and the DA Sarah will come out after that, possibly Nov. or so.

    I wanted to beat the price increase which is why I bit the bullet and was going to buy both purse and wallet yesterday. And I really think the SLG's are going to be hit the hardest with the increase since they didn't go up last Nov.

    By the way, my SA did not know of the price increase yet and said that they only get a few days notice (to get the store all changed up) When I was having such a dilemma on whether to buy or not buy the wallet before the price increase (I literally was at the SLG counter with her for about an hour...hehe) , she offered to text me when she got news of a price increase. I said "You will do that?" She said "of course, I do that for all my customers if they want me to" SO nice!!

    So my question is, do I wait for the New Sarah wallet to come out? Or buy the current Sarah wallet and get use out of it for this Spring and Summer? (I do have a red pomme vernis wallet that would be pretty with my Azur Neverfull) but I do like to like to match my bags and wallets exactly! And if I had not seen the NEW Sarah wallet I'm sure I would have been very content with the current one and walked out of the store with it.
  2. I would get the current Sarah wallet in DA and use it immediately with the NF and buy a new Sarah later in another color/material at the end of the year to match another purse maybe :smile:
    I wouldn't be able to wait until Nov. for sure, but maybe if you are patient it could work for you ?
  3. I would wait. If you are going to be happier with the new Sarah in DA and have a beautiful pomme to use in the meantime, it makes sense.
  4. It really depends on how much in love you are with the new style. If the changes are worth it, I'd use the Pomme until it's released in the print that you want. If you thinks it's nice but would be happy with the current style, grab it before the increase.
  5. I would also wait - it seems like you would love the new Sarah much more and you should get what you really really love IMO :biggrin: And your pomme vernis wallet will do a great job I think ;)
  6. I would get it now
    Congrats on the NF
  7. Wait! I'm kinda in the same boat.. I've been lusting after the Sarah in vernis pomme and after looking at the new one, I thought how awful would it be if I get the wallet, then the new version comes out in the future. I'd be so upset! 😒 lol soooo I think I'm going to wait 😏
  8. Hard to decide! If the Azur don't come out until the Winter...that could be TWO price increases!! Ugg.
  9. Use the Pomme and wait for the New Sarah wallet. It's a lot of money to spend on a wallet you know you're gonna want to replace in just a few months.
  10. I would definitely use my beautiful pomme with the DA NF and enjoy the sparkling contrast between light colored bag and shiny berry wallet and wait for the nm3 sarah in azur!
  11. oops...
    I meant if "Azur doesn't come out until the Winter....
  12. That is a tough one to answer, really depends on which one you want more. Congratulations on the Neverfull!
  13. I would wait till the new Sarah is released. By the time November rolls around you could have saved the extra $80 or so to cover the price increase.
  14. I'd wait unless you have the $$$ to splurge.
  15. +1