Do i buy it? Vert Gazon City!

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  1. Hi all, I have an opportunity to get a Vert Gazon City RH. Is it nice IRL? I have looked at the pics, but wanted some real life input. Is it a popular color and what do you wear it with?
    I wear my Violet alot, so I don't know if I'd get much wear out of it. Does it look like a Christmas tree green?
    I also need to think about the new Vert thyme which may be more my style.
    Thanks so much!
  2. Vert thyme will be a LOT more MUTED than the gazon- gazon is really a POP bag- I'd be tooo skerrred! lol~~~~ but that's just b/c it's GREEEEEEEEEN- I'm waay more comfortable wearing metallics (haha~ even Magenta)......IDK? :shrugs:

    but- go with your gut- ;)
  3. It's like a bright grass or kelly green not like a Xmas tree green. I have a brief and I love it! I like it as a bright pop to an outfit - looks great with black, white, khaki and of course jeans. But if that's not really your style and you wear more natural hues or subdued colors then perhaps the vert thyme would be better.
    Here's a pic of mine :love:
  4. I love the way Katie wore her VG day. I think it really looks great against white.

  5. katies bag is so gorgeous. I want one.
  6. ^^^me too!:graucho:
  7. love this color. it looks great with neutral colors clothing like katie with just a white shirt and a pair of jeans. it is stunning. go for it if you think it would work with your wardrobe.
  8. I think Vert Gazon is very special. But I'd prefer it is a GGH since that hardware will brighten up its beauty.
  9. I dun have 1.. BUt I think the colour is awesome!!
  10. Thanks everyone!
    Simona thanks for the input and posting your pics. i love your bag! That looks great in the Brief!
    The only bummer is that the SA just told me green and she said the tag inside had a U on the end of the letters. So I assumed it was Vert Gazon, unless there was another green this year.... I hate to let it go , but again I really want a blue from the 08 collection:confused1:
  11. Now I am thinking it is a different green since it's got a U on the tag- would it be Pine?
  12. The greens with U on the tag are: Grass Green/Vert Gazon, Sea Green/Vert d'Eau, Dark Olive/Vert Fonce, & Pine/Forest Green. You would need to ask your SA to describe the green to figure out which one she has.
  13. OH Thanks so much amcf58! She wasn't much help"Just Green"
    She said she'd sen it and if I didn't like it I could send it back- but That's kind of a hassle.
    I'll sleep on it tonight!
  14. Searching for Katie's VG day was what brought me here at the color!
  15. Hi Chloebagfreak! I love Vert Gazon and with GGH is stunning!!! RH is gorgeous too!:love:CONGRATS to Simona7 and Kate!!!