Do I buy it?? - BH

  1. Hi ladies and gents, I've been an on-again off-again owner of LV :shame: ...I just haven't found the bag for me yet. Part of the problem is that I'm always buying handheld bags and I really need a shoulder bag. I'm just not a speedy gal I don't think.

    Anyway, I've been drooling over the BH for a year, and it's in my elux shopping cart right now but I don't know if I should go for it or not! I mean, I think it's the perfect bag for me, it's the right amount of room and looks comfy to wear. I could tuck my iBook in it if I needed to as well. My only concern is that it's mono - I know my friends would laugh at me for having a LV mono bag! It sounds terrible, but I just don't have friends who are into purses. I actually got a nasty comment thrown my way from an acquaintance in my graduate department about my COACH bag, she thought I was being showy owning a signature Coach bag. So I wouldn't use poor BH on a regular basis I don't think, at least not at school. On the other hand, I'm only in school for another 2 years and I could easily keep my mono bag longer than that, plus I'll be in and out of town for the next year doing research. What do you guys think? Is a BH worth it if I won't use it on a regular basis? I'd like to decide soon because I hear that prices are going up AGAIN, grr...

    Also, what do I buy to treat the vachetta (I've never had a LV piece with vachetta, I've only ordered Damier bags so far)? Thank you so much, I do appreciate it.
  2. If you love it, buy it! Don't let what your friends would think deter you from buying something you're buying it, not them. I don't know why people have to be so vocal about someone else's things, it's no one else's business.
    IMO, this is one of THE most useful LVs I have next to the Mezzo :yes:

    And also, there really isn't anything you NEED to do to treat the vachetta. I never do and the vachetta never seems to get darker any faster IMO.
  3. Van girl dont hesitate!! Seriously. You know how many bags I have and this is probably the one I would keep if I could only keep one. Its a perfect bag. Its featherlight, holds a TON and looks really chic on. GO FOR IT!
  4. Also the vachetta is not really hard to take care of as you are not handling it to much.
  5. Friends can be hard. My always notice when I get a new purse (often) and make fun of me. But it's what I like. So I'm not going to let them stop me. Now I'm just trying to overwhelm them by switching every day.

    So, if the BH will fit everything you need and you like it - get it.
  6. Yeah, I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

    Selena, you are the LV queen, if this is the perfect LV bag, how can I say no??

    I'm only afraid that my friends will think I'm showy about money, that's my real concern. But maybe I'm thinking about it too much. And the bf will freak out when he sees it. I'm going to have to wait until after he buys his PS3 to show it to him, then we'll be even.
  7. If its been on your mind this long, its time to buy it! IF you like the bag buy it and enjoy it:yes: Dont worry what your friends thing or say, Unless of course their going to pay for the bag.

  8. I understand your concern about feeling weird around your friends. However I hope you won't get defined by one or two certain bags you carry, so if it's what you want (good choice!) then it's you and ok and if you can, get it. IMHO. You only live once, you might as well do it right :nuts:
  9. Stop worrying about what they think. If this will make you happy, go for it!
  10. I think thats also one of the great things about the BH too, by LV standards its a pretty good deal for what you get. Its large, roomy, and made to last. My bag is about a year old and looks brand new. Its my workhorse. Let us know if you get it!!
  11. hey girl!! I just got my BH and it ROCKS. You get SO much LV for its price...and it looks great and holds a ton. I can't say enough fabulous things about it and will probably be taking it to Florida and Tennessee when I go there on business in a few weeks!

    As far as treating the vachetta, you can do nothing and let it be or try a protective spray. I use Shining Monkey on my LV vachetta and it dries instantly and doesn't darken it. With the BH you really don't have a lot of vachetta to worry about compared to the total surface area ;) so I wouldn't stress.

    It's a great bag for school and is my new fave work bag!!
  12. I am so sick of hearing about ppl's friends knocking them for carrying LV's. Wtf?! That just infuriates me. I know my friends roll their eyes a little - but they know about me and my "habit". But if they dared insult me about it I would be pissed off and would tell them so!
  13. Just tell those people to shut up........................they know the bag looks beautiful:cursing: they are only jealous.
  14. That is the next bag I am going to purchase. I love the BH, you should go for it. Who cares what your friends say, if you like it get it. I am sure you don't like everything they buy, if you all bought the same thing, my how boring the world would be!
  15. ooh you should so buy it! :yes: that's the next bag im considering after i get the wapity. it's between that and the saleya! it also looks like it can fit alot for travelling.