Do Hermes SA Authenticate?

  1. I have heard different opinions.
  2. I called once and they said they no longer authenticate but if you send them a bag to be fixed or refurbished, they will not touch it if it is a fake. So its a de facto way of authenticating.
  3. Tams, our Hermes here have to actually ship the bags overseas to be refurbished. So, I think before they take the bags from our hands, they kinda want to make sure what we have is the real deal before sending it far away. But I guess they might have different reaction if you're only taking the bag to them to ask whether it's real or not.

    What is it that you wanna authenticate Tammy? C'mon spill it out, do you have a new H on store? ;)
  4. Some SAs do, some don't and are quite adamant about it. You can always post pictures of something here and maybe we can help...:smile:
  5. As Per My Hermes They Say They Can't Authenticate, But If You Bring It In For The Spa Treatment (servicing) There They Will Authenticate And If It Found To Be Fake They Will Destroy It!!!!!! Ha I Love That!Destroy!!!
  6. Ditto Baggaholic!! :biggrin:

    The craftsman will DESTROY it if it is fake! :nuts:

    Hermes does not authenticate handbags. The SA's might do it as a favor for regular clients who have bought it from Ebay or second-hand shops OR if they feel sympathetic for the walk-in customer OR just because (based on their mood). However, in general, they don't authenticate handbags because Hermes doesn't believe in such a "service" like this. Like the manager at the NYC store always says, "if yours is the real deal, as in you bought it from the store, you wouldn't even have to question about it to begin with."
  7. Sort of like bringing a fake bill to the bank...they take it away and do lots of paperwork! (Hermes has their own methods!!!)
  8. The SA won't authenticate but I read on MyPoupette recently that they will authenticate Hermes and some other designers items now. They charge a small fees but since her written official authentication is recognized by Ebay, Paypal etc, I think it's worth the money :smile:
  9. This is a bit of a long story to answer the question...

    About 5 years ago I was moving out of the admiration from afar stage and into the possibility of actually purchasing a Kelly. I even went through the stage of seriously considering high quality fakes. (but, no matter how high the quality, they still didn't compare) My husband & I were in Monte Carlo and we visited the Hermes store there. We asked lots of questions about the Kelly and left. We got about 2 blocks and I finally said, "I want the real thing" so we went back and were told about a long wait list. Despondent we just strolled near the casino and ended up walking past a secondhand boutique with a Kelly in the window. Based on what we just learned we were 99% certain it was real (I like to joke my Kelly was once owned by a former Monte Carlo resident named Grace...) I glowed the rest of that trip.

    Once we returned to the States, I took it to Hermes, told them honestly where I had purchased it, and asked how much it would cost to have it refurbished. They examined it very diplomatically. I knew they were authenticating and breathed a sigh of relief as they sent it off to be refurbished. :biggrin:
  10. ^Venezia - Post pix when you get your kelly back. We'd love to see her after her "spa" treatment!
  11. Great story Venezia! Wish I had that kind of luck! Can't wait to see pics - I bet "Grace" is just gorgeous!
  12. I was in the nyc store last month to pic up my bag after having it reconditioned (purchased from an Hermes boutique, but it had seen 3 years of daily use, so it was time), and at the counter, the craftsman was politely informing a woman that her birkin was fake. He did not desroy it and he was not rude. It was a horrible fake imo. She sounded/acted geniunely surprised and disappointed, and either she had bought it very used, or else she had bought it a long time ago and was just under the impression that it was authentic, because it was very very very worn.
    but SAs are typically not as nice as crafts people and I would not expect them to authenticate for a non-customer.
  13. Great story, Venezia and your bag comes with quite a lot of history. You'll always remember your trip when you look at it. We'd love to look at it, too! Pictures would be wonderful... :smile:
  14. That's how I got my Kelly authenticated.

  15. I just joined PF a few days ago and I'm so excited to interact with so many with the same passion. I posted in the intro thread and a few other places, but I'm planning to take photos next weekend, so look for "Grace" then.