Do Hermes have sales?

  1. Do Hermes ever have sales? I'm not talking Birkin or Kelly, but I'm after some of the H flat sandals and wonder if they discount them at the end of the Summer?
  2. yes they do not leathers like bags wallets silks etc but on PaP not sure about the shoes but i think so
  3. Ditto lilach ^^

    I don't know if they call it a sale on shoes, but I have seen them discounted at the season end. I don't think the word sale is a good thing to say when you are talking high end. Hee hee (discounted isn't even a good word, but you know what I mean)
  4. Sales are also sometimes by invitation or when you're actually at the boutique. Sometimes, if there is a big sale at one of the flagship stores, they advertise a day or two before.

    Items are normally pret-a-porter and some inventory which have not been sold for a couple of years. Definitely no handbags and extremely very few small leather goods.
  5. Hi, I did see some shoes on sale this year, but I think it varries from year to year, and the sale is of things that are not the big sellers.
  6. Shoes do go on sale. I'm hoping to snag some espadrilles when they do. :smile:
  7. Thanks everyone, and sorry to mention shoes in bag forum!
  8. Robert Chevez said that Hermes waits a year before putting things on sale. They take the nonsellers off the floor and in storage and then bring them out later at a discount.
  9. Have seen only shoes and clothes on sale.
    By the way, have you ever tried on the H sandals? I bought a pair, in white, several years ago and only wear them when I want blisters.