Do Handbags have a "BEST" color?

  1. Or is this all a matter of opinion?

    For example, i'm thinking of getting a YSL Muse and everyone seems to be clammering for a Ivory bag. Yes it has fans of the darker colors. But I keep reading how the white bag is really this bags "best" color.

    Also the Chloe Edith. Although all the colors are wonderful. The demand seemed higher for the Whiskey bag (at least when I was trying to locate one) - maybe it's because it was the color that was featured in all the press ads?

    And of course everyone knows that nothing beats a classic Caviar Chanel bag!

    What do you think?

    Do you think handbag designs have "best" colors? I know everyone's taste is different - but maybe there are colors that feature a bag best?
  2. I do think certain bags look best in certain colors. The exception is Balenciaga bags.
  3. Yes, definitely. Some styles just suit certain colours more.
  4. I think white is fabulous with gold hardware, probably that explains the muse. As for the edith, the design of the bag is such that it looks good in classic browns.

    So generally, it depends on the design and of course individuals' preference.

    For instance, these are my choice colors for some bags:
    Paddington: mousse (grey-blue-green) and anthracite (metallic)
    Edith: grey
    Balenciaga: pewter (metallic)

    Generally I lean towards grey and metallic colors. Of course other colors are nice too like tan and blanc paddington, the chocolate and whiskey paddy, but I wouldn't choose these colors because it's not my taste.
  5. ^^I think the white with gold is beautiful. But it seems like a lot of people don't like it and wish the hardware was silver? I don't think it would look as "special" with silver hardware....

    That's just me though.....
  6. I personally prefer Muse in dark brown, not ivory. I'm always wary of white bags. Pinks are ok.
  7. I didn't think much of the Spy until I saw a white one in someone's blog. It was absolutely beautiful!
  8. Bag definitely have "best colors"- like how the spy looks fantastic in petrol, brown, and honey.
  9. I love hearing what everyone thinks certain bags "best colors" are. So interesting!
  10. I think that bags have a "best" color. Everyone's opinion of what color a bag looks best in will vary though.

    For example I like the following:
    Paddy - Cream
    Spy - White or Petrol
    Balenciaga - Apple Green or any blue
    Edith - Turquoise, I like the Chamois too

    That's all I can think of for now.