Do H SA's get discounts? What's their training?

  1. Sorry if this is rude, and I actually did a board search, but I was just wondering. What kind of training do H SA's get? Do they get a discount--if so, what?
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  3. No idea amytude. Sorry.
  4. They do get some kind of discount, but there is a limit as to how much they can spend per year. Also, during the sale, they can only go during the last day after hours. Training, well, there is always some type of training session with sales, but from what I've seen, most of their education comes from the floor. But isn't that true of everything in life, most of your learning comes from actual experience?
  5. I think it depends, too, on which stores or which country you're talking about. In France the SAs get discounts, access to employee sales events, but are limited as to what they can buy and certain purchases have to be specially approved by the store manager... things like that.

    And their education seems to be pretty broad, including seminars and courses that encompass everything from Hermes production and history to non-Hermes cultural field trips. There's more about the in-house education of their employees in the company's annual report, which in itself is an interesting read.
  6. My SAs told me that they do not get discounts on birkins and kellies in general.
  7. Staff get a H gift for their long years of service. I don't know at what milestone it starts. One of my SAs have been with Hermes for like 12-15 years, and she got a Cape Cod watch in one of the years.

    Also, there is other incentives for staff too. That is, a freebie a year. They get to choose a scarf or silver jewellery (amongst what others, I am not sure). You will see them wearing it as part of their uniform. But they can only really keep it if they are still a H staff 2 years from the very day they received the item from their manager.

    Training .... H send SAs to offsite training locations. This is usually done regionally. In Asia, the most recent one was held in Bangkok, Thailand.
  8. this is interesting.
    as to training, i assume they don't hire people with zero sales experience, and being multi-lingual must help.
  9. I am pretty sure sales experience is a prerequisite but I am also certain if a newbie comes along, and has fantastic personality and is articulate, I don't think Hermes will turn this person away. I can't say all the SAs I have seen possess a great personality or is articulate. They are all very respectful, and I am grateful for that.

    I am not sure about the need to be multi-lingual. Bi-lingual is a good enough.
  10. 30 % off.
  11. I've seen adverts for vacancies in Hermes at Harrods and from what I read they only employ people with many years of experience in luxury retail (but then, this is Harrods). Apart from that I don't know anything else about their HR policies!
  12. My store in Alaska hired extra staff for the holidays. The ones they liked, they kept past the holidays. Some did not have any prior retail experience.
  13. i worked with a lovely SA @the madison ave. store (NYC) over the xmas holiday, and it turned out she was a holiday temp.