Do H boutiques provide written description of leather, color, etc?

  1. Is it normal when purchasing from a boutique to receive just a receipt with the price of the bag and no detailed description of the leather, color, size? In Paris, my receipt was more detailed, but in the US, it just stated the price. Also, I noticed some resellers referring to cerificates of authenticity or identification cards, but my items (from H stores) never had anything like that.
  2. I did not get a description of the bag on my receipt when I purchased it from H at NYC.
  3. If you ever have some tell you it comes with an authenticity card, run far far away. H bags never come with the card.
  4. On my receipt it said Haut Au Courries 32cm and then the price no color was expressed on the receipt.
  5. Thanks, I was afraid I had thrown out some vital information without realizing it. My first bag was purchased from Paris several years ago and I carried it home, leaving the box and bag in the hotel. I kept the receipt, which I just looked at recently. That one does list the type of bag, color and leather, but my US receipts have nothing but price and style of bag.
  6. My Bolide on says the style (bolide), size, leather, leather, leather (yes - three times!)...and the price.
  7. no, it doesn't say Bolide - it says sac a main...
  8. not sure.. have to look