Do guys carry Lindy?

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  1. Hi all,

    After gotten a few Birkins,40cm and 50cm....I am actually going to venture into other Hermes bags.

    Besides the travel Lindy, what do you TPFers think of guys carrying the 34cm Lindy for everyday work or outing?

    Need your opinions before I go ahead with the purchase!

    Thank you everyone in advance!
  2. I've never seen any pics of it, that doesn't mean the right man can't rock it. :yes: I always thought a massai was very feminine till the pic of the orange massai that wasn't girly at all on the wearer. :shrugs:

  3. I would not carry the Lindy, but you should do whatever you like.
  4. I agree!

    Don't care what other people might think.


    Right, Bryan? :yes:

    Sissyfication is the new black.
  5. I could see a guy carrying the 34 lindy. I see a lot of guys walking around with messenger bags and bulky camera bags that have a similar feel/heft to the 34 cm lindy. Try wearing the 34 in the store, and make sure to put your stuff in it when you try it on because that gives the lindy a different look.
  6. Thanks Castorny!

    Because of the regular carrying of Birkin, friends had been saying that they are so used seeing me carrying the Birkins. They asked whether Hermes do make other designs. ( They are not into any labels! )I said yes...and immediately Lindy comes to mind.

    The travel Lindy is a tad too big I think.So I thought 34cm Lindy is fine. I should make a date to the store to try it out.

    Btw Bella, the giant Massai looks great!
  7. LOL, allan, you crack me up!! :roflmfao:
  8. The 34cm can be similar to the camerabag,however theconstruction is no where the same. If we see the Lindy, the side hoops are used either as handles or hoops for the carrying strap which makes it a little different.

    Of course,I would not be carrying it by the side hoops and squashing it, but rather,I would be slinging it.
  9. Thanks for the opinion.....
  10. I think the Lindy is too much work to get in and out of. "Too fiddly". I like bags that are easy access.
  11. I have the 24/24 GM....and I find it useful...but just looking at alternatives...the fiddling in and out of the bag could be a potential problem, since I lugged a lot of things around.

    Thank you Castorny for the insight!
  12. You might find the strap a little short for slinging diagonally. Worth a try though.

    I love the Lindy but as a straight man who wears a (boring) suit every weekday due to work requirements, I doubt I could pull it off.
  13. The strap is definitely not long enough to wear as a sling. It is quite short.

    I think you will have to try this one on in person.

    Maybe if it came in a 40cm with a longer strap? Hermes designers, I hope you are reading this!
  14. Hi castorny,

    A 40cm version would be fab! Aint that what we all are wishing for? Haha.....The Travel Lindy is much bigger than 40cm.
  15. _bella_, even with his face covered, that guy is totally
    hot. The Massai looks great.

    Allan, *LOL*

    Yeah, I believe that a man could carry a Lindy. :smile: