Do Gucci stores...

  1. Dou you girls know if Gucci will help with an authenticity check because I'm considering buying a bag from someone and was thinking that if we could go into Gucci and ask them to confirm that it was real, then I would get the bag. Is that ok? Or is Gucci like LV, where I've heard that they don't do it?
  2. It really depends on the S.A...but in general, gucci and their sales associate dont not want to be held responsible in case they say a bag is real and it turns out to be fake..or vice versa...
    Also, they arent usually very friendly when you walk in there with that type of question...
    Good luck :smile:
  3. And Louis Vuitton SAs do give visual authenticity checks.. but they won't provide any written sort of statement.
  4. I think it's really hard to authenticate Gucci, even for a Gucci SA... that's what really turns me off about Gucci
  5. It's a store policy in Gucci , chanel, Fendi and YSL to not dicuss to cust. about real or fake.

    But people at Dior seem to love to yell it out lound when customer carry a fake one.

    I don't think they will tell you.
  6. Ok. Thanks everyone.
  7. The Gucci store downstairs in Selfridges here mostly just try to kill you with looks of pure concentrated venomous snobbery, even if you're actually buying something with cold hard cash. I don't think they'd wee on you if you were on fire... :suspiciou

    Anyway they might give you an incorrect answer so your best bet is to do major research yourself, then at least you've only got yourself to balem - or, thank! :biggrin: - for it.

  8. You will probably have better luck by taking it to a major department store that sells the bag. I had Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills authenticate my Tods Mikey without a problem. Obviously, don't tell them that you got it off of eBay.
  9. i did hear once that you can pay like ($50) to have your bag authenticted. they send it to NY or something. I'll look into if you guys want?
  10. I just called Gucci in Short Hills, NJ and they sales associate told me that they do not verify authenticity. You may want to go to a gucci store and take a good look at what you will be purchasing for comparison.