Do Gucci shoes run True to Size?

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  1. thanks!
  2. I find they run a half size big for me.
  3. I'm usually a 7 - lately I'm finding myself in 7.5's - like Stuart Weitzman I'm definitely 7.5 - (stupid painful bunion LOL)

    What size in Gucci should I go with - thinking about a pair of flats
  4. No. I have 3 pairs purchased within the past 15 months.
    One is a size 37.5, one is 38 and the last is 38.5.

    It really depends on the shoe and it's cut. I can be any of the 3 sizes in Gucci shoes but mostly 38-38.5.
  5. I am a US 11 and I find their 41s are a perfect fit. Sometimes they have 42s available which I think I prefer in a super high heel closed in pump for a bit more room. It is one of the few brands with a 41 that is actually a true 11.
  6. true size for me..
  7. i wear a size 10 and it's hit or miss. sometimes i'm a 40, other times a 41.. arrggh :smile:
  8. they run larger for me, one size.
  9. they are true to size...but one pair of my heels are a half size too big ....wierdest thing i tell u

    but for the post part gucci heels are true to size (AND CRAZY COMFY btw!!)
  10. i order 1 size smaller
  11. Maybe it depends on what type of shoe.. I have a d'Orsay pump and it runs true to size.
  12. (Urm.... looks like I'm the one with weird feet...)
  13. If you go with your regular size, you should be safe.
  14. They usually run true to size or half a size smaller for me.
  15. I have wide feet so their shoes don't fit my feet :tdown::crybaby: