Do Gucci boots run true to size?

  1. Hi!

    I adore these forums...they are like a playground for the handbag and fashion obsessed! :smile:

    I have found the most beautiiful pair of Gucci boots online in a size 8, but I've never worn this brand, and I generally wear a size 7 1/2. Knowing how some brands can run a half size larger or smaller, I thought I'd ask you gals and try to guage whether I might could swing these in a half size larger.

    Thanks so much for your help.
  2. I am size 40 in most shoes/boots, but for Gucci I need ALWAYS to take a size smaller, so 39. Also their men shoes run big.

    So I think you'll be safe going down by 1 size also.
  3. Thanks so much, Filifjonka...I appreciate your help. Its so hard to buy shoes in different makes online without trying them first, but I live 3 hours south from any decent shopping, hence I am sadly limited in that respect!
  4. glad to help out -- enjoy your boots! I have a few pairs from Gucci, and honestly, worth the price :smile: Post a pic also!
  5. I also have to go down a size in Gucci shoes. (a half size) Mak sure and post pics!
  6. Ditto with PPs - I find Gucci sizes big... I usually drop half a size.
    If you really like them and they're boots, you can probably put in an insole to make them fit snugger.
  7. Thanks Tweetie...its a great help to get advice on sizing when you can't actually try on the boots first! :smile:

  8. I just bought a pair of Gucci boots and they ran tts maybe slightly larger. I would suggest getting your true size.