Do Gucci bags stand out and grab peoples attention???

  1. Do you think that Gucci bags are flashy and stand out or do you think they are somewhat subtle? Most of my Gucci bags never get any attention so I am wondering that maybe they are not that mainstream and only stand out to the handbag lover...any thoughts out there???
  2. I'm not a Gucci expert, but I think it varies by style.

    The 85th anniversary collection, for example, grabs attention, IMO:
    ...and handbag lovers will know exactly what it is.

    On the other hand, a friend's Mom had a gorgeous dark navy shoulder bag somewhat like this but without the horsebit detail.

    and I thought "wow" but it but it was very understated. I then saw a glimpse of the "Gucci" imprint on the front and smiled.
  3. I think it definitely depends on the style of the bag - some Gucci's are more subtle and classic, some are more edgy and in-your-face, and some are just beautiful. Some styles are also definitely more attention-grabbing than others because of horsebits, interlocking GG's hardware, webbing, guccissima leather, etc. Your personal style dictates the types of bags you buy, so I think it depends mostly on you and your tastes.

    I also think the ridiculous number of Fucci's out there tells us that Gucci is definitely pretty mainstream and recognizable!!!
  4. i agree with the above posters, it depends on the style. A monogram bag with horsebit,etc. is defenitely more flashy than just a plain leather gucci.