Do GST and PST in black caviar comes with silver hardware?

  1. Also what is the drop for the straps, are the PST and GST straps of the same length? MAny thanks!:p
  2. Anyone please??;)
  3. I've seen them in silver, but not sure of the drop length on the straps.
  4. Thanks!!:yes:

    Any lady out there got both (or tried on both) the GST and PST and can tell me whether the straps are of the same length?? Many thanks!:p
  5. I've tried both,and the drop on the grand is larger than on the pst. Grande goes over coat easily,PST a bit more difficult for me.

    In Amsterdam they only had gold hardware,but it seems it comes in silver too.
  6. i know the gst comes in silver b/c i have one..not sure on the pst..pst is too small for me so i never tried it on.
  7. ^ oh and the silver is very hard to get right now..its easier to get the g/h
  8. Thank you so much for the responses!!:yes:

    Any idea how much a GST now cost after the price increase??:confused1:
  9. Only the GST comes with silver or gold hardware, PST comes with gold hardware.
  10. My SA told me that they don't get the GST with silver and the silver I was talking about were dark silver chain straps but the leather on the bag was different not caviar. Anyone else heard this??

  11. i havent heard this..i have the black caviar gst with SILVER harware...

  12. after the price increase, its 1895 not including tax...
    but u mite be able to get it for 1750, because i did :yes:
  13. Thanks heaps for the info!! I live in Australia and they are out of stock all the time so I'll see whether I can get one from overseas when I travel next! :yes:

  14. Chanel and Chanel @ Nordstroms is at the higher price
  15. I agree with you after seeing all the pics on this forum, but try telling this to a Chanel SA in the UK. Chanel in the UK is a law unto themselves, all the boutiques and concessions have different stocks, we've had the Paris Biaritz line and Modern chains, perforated, soft and chain etc but try and find diamond stitch and they haven't a clue what your talking about, some say its last season and some say they never saw it. It's so frustrating after seeing all the wonderful pics on the PF to not find the bags your looking for.