Do Goldenbleu bags get counterfeited?

  1. I found a small online retailer who sells goldenbleu, nana, and peety cleo bags, as well as shoes and handbags. I have emailed with the owner, who says she is an authorized seller and doesnt seem fishy. Its just a small operation.

    Do you know if Goldenbleu brands are a popular bag to counterfeit? Its all sales final. She assured me all her stuff is authentic. Maybe Ill stop by the authenticate forum. Any words of advice?
  2. Hi there! I own a couple of Goldenbleu bags, and these look good. I am not sure if they were ever faked. I think they are harder to fake well because of the nice hardware, suede linings, and detailing. They are really nice bags, and the attention to detail is excellent. More so than other bags in this price range, IMO. Maybe there will be a few more opinions. I hope this helps!

    PS- Your cat looks just like mine!
  3. Thanks for the info. Im a little scared to buy something like that sight unseen. The owner seems small, but legit...from your comments, maybe I should go for it. I think they may get new styles, so the one I want may disappear if I dont move.

    At least from the pictures, the bags are gourgeous, and I love the styles! Which do you own?

    Yes, I think the cats may be twins!
  4. They only opened this year and in the "About Us" area on the site-it doesn't tell you much about them, nor does it verify authenticity issues. JMO :confused1:
  5. I used to have the Jordan, but sold it. I just didn't use it because I was in school and used a backpack all the time. I currently have a Natasha, but I am selling it to help fund a study abroad I am going on this summer.

    Do you think the shop would send you pictures of the interior? That might help. But the Jordan and Katherine bags are soooooo detailed, and the details I see look good. For example, look at the braided zipper pull on the Jordan and the way it is stitched. Or all the gathered leather on the Katherine.
  6. Jordans are being made replicas in China.