Do gold bags only come with contrast stitching?

  1. i am dreaming about a gold birkin in chevre to use as a day to night bag but would love to have a gold on gold stitching. Does that exist? I've only seen it with the white contrast stitching in pix.
  2. yep...that is the could always order it with gold stitching or for that matter any color stitching though...
  3. Rockerchic, your idea sounds pretty:yes: especially on Chevre.
  4. I guess this will be one of those dream about bags until I am deemed worthy to SO! :smile:...I do love to dream though!
  5. S, I have a good feeling about this, wear your elephant and come shopping...
  6. I like the thought of gold with gold stitching, particularly in chevre. I'm conjuring up a very elegant bag.
  7. Hi RC,
    Someone on the tPF ordered a Kelly in Gold and had the stitching done in Gold to match, and it was a nice alternative. So as an order it is always possible to have anything done.