Do girls still join sororities?

  1. Today I was reading a newsletter from my college sorority (Delta Gamma) and was wondering, do college girls still rush? Or are sororities "out"?
  2. Sororities are still very important at certain schools, particularly those in the south.

    I'm in California and I'm in a sorority. The school in CA where Greek life is biggest is probably USC.

    It seems to me that every year, more and more girls rush!
  3. Still a very important part of college life. Sororities are everywhere.
  4. Sororites are big here in Oklahoma... especially at OU. OSU has a strong greek system as well.
    I go to a small private school...we have three sororites, Alpha Chi, Alphi Phi and Gamma Phi Beta.. I'm a gphib! :love:
  5. My mom went to OSU. I love Oklahoma!
  6. I never joined a sorority, but I kinda wish I did. When I was in college, I was too busy getting straight A's and graduating a year early. I had absolutely no social life. It's amazing I even met my boyfriend lol.
  7. I Love Sorority Life. It Was A Great Part Of College (AST, Here!)......Even @ This Point In Life, There Are A Few Sorority Sisters I Talk To Quite A Few Times A Week (& I Am Now Across The Country!).

    EDIT: Actually, I'm Closer In Distance To Some Now, But, Majority Are Still In The Northeast
  8. it really depends on the school i think. girls definately still rush, but sometimes the culture of the student body in any given year affects how many people turn out. i went to the "liberal" big state school in oregon and while there are 8 sororities on campus and most of them do very well, a few have closed the last couple of years due to declining numbers (including my chapter *sniff*). but the 8 remaining houses are all near capacity and meet their rush quota each it might have been a survival of the fittest thing. the more "conservative" big state school has 13 and is growing.

    i treasure my sorority experience. i met most of my true life long friends through my sorority involvement. even though it has it's downsides too, i always reccomend rush to people i know headed off to a big school. it definately makes living far away for the first time a little more personal and homey.

  9. My daddy went to OSU and I almost went there myself!! GO POKES!! :yahoo:
  10. absolutely!!!sororities are a huge part of college life.
    i pledged and til this day am so glad i did. it is the best feeling to know you have a strong large sisterhood. to know that you can travel the world and have a local or international is a lot of hard work after you become a member. oh, but its so much fun!!!
  11. Vickitoria ~ I Believe My Sister-In-Law Is Gamma Phi Beta. She Went To Syracuse.........My Husband (I Would Hope Know!) He Is Asleep (By The Way, He Is AEPi)...I'll Call My Sister-In-Law Tomorrow. :smile:
  12. ^^ Hehe, thats exciting! Syracuse is where gamma phi was founded :nuts:
  13. i am an AKA.
  14. When You Say Gamma Phi.....I'm Almost Positive.

    I Just Met Someone From Ypsilanti, Michigan. I Was So Excited Because My Sorority Was Founded There (Eastern Michigan University)!!!
  15. Just about every one of my friends is in a sorority. My rush starts in a few weeks (we have delayed rush which means we rush sophomore year) and I am soo nervous. Any pointers? :?: