Do girls continue to grow after puberty?

  1. I am having my daughter undergo a battery of tests due to being significantly on the short side. According to my pediatrician, he said girls generally stop growing upon the onset of puberty. According to my coworker, she claims she continued growing well after. Any ideas and thoughts?
  2. Girls normally stop growing early teens - during puberty not at the onset necessarily.
  3. Girls generally grow rapidly at the beginning of puberty, but stop growing once mentruation becomes regular. The hormone estradiol causes rapid acceleration of long bone growth followed by a faster ossification of the cartilage ends (the growing parts) of the long bones. So growth actually stops once puberty is completed, not at its onset.
  4. Yes, I heard that once girls get their period and it becomes very regular then they stop growing soon after. Since estrogen is stored in body fat, if a girl tends to have more body fat she menstruates sooner and can even menstruate as early as 10 or 11 years old! The leaner girls tend to get their periods around 14-15 and even then they may not get their periods very regularly so they could become even taller. Obviously genetics play a part too in terms of their height but it seems to be the case that if you get your period later, you end up growing a bit more.
  5. I slowed down considerably in my teens but didn't top out (at 5'10") until the very end of high school. My shape (not weight but shape) also seemed to continue to shift around a bit in my teens/early 20s).
  6. Hm I think I stopped growing when I was only 13, thats also when I got my period, so that might be true.

    So would it mean -despite genes- if you are super skinny as a teenager- you'll grow more? It sounds a little like a myth to me. It would mean if I'd feed my daughter less she'd grow more? ;)
  7. I guess I was the exception to the rule, since I grew about 2" in college. I'd started my period a few days after my 13th birthday, so onset of puberty and regular periods was well before that. In fact, I was on the pill for a while before the college growth.
  8. It certainly depends on the individual I think. I stopped growing probably around the ninth grade, but I have friends who have continued to grow throughout high school and into college.
  9. Don't know when puberty started for me but periods started 14/15 and were immediately regular. I was 5' 3". By the time I was 17, I was 5' 7". So I definitely continued growing.
  10. I got my period when I was 12 and was 5'1", and I topped out at just a little under 5'4" around 8-9th grade.
  11. No definitely not. Leanness is attributed to metabolism & individual genes. She definitely shouldn't eat less. I don't think eating less would give her an advantage at all because she needs to eat a lot to grow.

    I stopped growing at 15 years old and got my period at 14. My periods though became more regular once I reached 15.
  12. I have been the same height (5'9") since I was 14. I grew three inches in the months right before I started my period.
  13. I continued to grow after my period, but I got my period relatively early.

    Although I didn't grow in height, my feet did grow a whole size within the last year. Shoes that fit last year don't fit this year... :sad:
  14. Thanks everyone for your responses!! I am finding this a bit confusing. I have very mixed feelings about growth hormone use. I have a feeling that is going to be the next discussion the endocronologist is going to have with me and they will probably want to rush my DD on it due to timing. I'm finding it confusing in that should I gamble and not have her take the injections? She's a twin and has been consistently short all her life. My husband and I are not tall but average height and our families are average and the men are tall. My heart tells me that she will go thru a growth spurt or, maybe, this is just wishful thinking. IDK. :sad:
  15. How far below average IS she? Many women are just fine being 5' or only an inch or two above that. I am only 5' 2" while the next shortest person in my family is 6" taller, but I never thought it was a big deal. I had my period early and stopped growing at the end of 5th grade (when I was the tallest person in my class).

    Of course, only you can decide what is right for your DD and your family, but it is difficult for anyone else to guage the "problem" without knowing your DD's age, height and puberty status.