Do Frye Boots Stretch?

  1. Hi! I just got the most gorgeous pair of Frye Veronica Shortie boots off eBay in dark brown. I'm in love with them, but unfortunately they fit small :crybaby:

    I don't want to sell them, but they are a bit on the tight side on my larger foot. Do Frye boots tend to stretch out much?
  2. I own at least 10 pair of Frye shoes/boots. I would say no. Frye leather is generally too thick and sturdy to stretch. However, I am fortunate in that Frye generally fits my foot perfectly and the boots tend to run a bit big.

    My advice is to NEVER count on a shoe stretching. There are too many shoes out there to have to buy shoes that do not fit. I have shed many a tear after trying on shoes that I absolutely adore and realizing that they just weren't meant for my foot.:crybaby:
  3. Noooo.... Frye really doesn't stretch at all! Will cause you pain...
  4. DAMN. Thanks for the honest advice, on to eBay they go :sad:
  5. i know this is an old thread but i have a pair of tall fry boots and they crease at the ankles and they kill!!! even with thick socks they rip into my ankles every time i wear them. i thought this would go away with time but it has not. the leather is just too thick...
  6. Actually, I just picked up my new Frye Campus boots yesterday from the cobbler and wore them all day today. I had to bring them in twice, but the cobbler did stretch my Frye boots and now they fit perfectly!!! The shoes were originally too tight near the balls of the foot area but after stretching for several days, they are now perfect!!!
  7. i have 6 pairs of Frye's and the have all streched out beautifully. :smile:
  8. I have a pair of Harness boots that has stretched enough to pull them on and off comfortably (I used to break into a sweat taking them off).
  9. I"m not sure if they strech as I only have one pair. They are cowgirl boots, I ordered my regular size 7 big mistake should have went one size up. I keep wearing them hoping they'll strech, but I have so many darn shoes it's hard to wear those boots everyday like that,I'll keep trying and let you know from there.:smile:
  10. :sweatdrop:Me too:roflmfao:
  11. So i just bought the carmen 3 strap on eBay...i am usually between and size 8 or 9, i got the 8 1/2, it fits but i would say its tight, esp. on the toes. Is the general consensus that they don't stretch???
  12. It depends on where you need the stretch...

    The toes generally don't stretch so if they are too tight there you will have problems. It would be hard to stretch them out on your own just by wearing them, and also painful. Sometimes you can stretch them out across the top of the foot or in the heel area, but in the toes it's less likely.

    I would suggest taking them to a cobbler and having them stretched there, since they do it on a machine you won't have to walk around in pain, and they can get a maximum stretch out of them for you. If this doesn't work you would be better to sell them, because they are not going to stretch any further.
  13. I also have the veronica boot shortie and i'm a regular size 7 and the size 7B boots fit me great. The break in process is super painful though, my bad part was just on my upper heel, lower achilles. blister about the size of a dime. However gross this sounds, once the 'callous' develops, these boots are awesome on a daily basis!
  14. all my boots (harness, paige, and veronica styles) have stretched. i wear them quite often. i also have one foot bigger than the other. i always fit for my smaller foot except for my running shoes. when i first get my frye's, my bigger foot's toes are squeezed tightly in the toe box, but after a few wears they stretch out.
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  15. I just bought a pair of harness boots 2 weeks ago, and I think they've stretched a little. The first few times I needed to take them off, my husband had to pull them off for me. :shame: But now they come off easily. I don't know if the toe area will stretch. Hopefully they will a little, my feet are wide in the front and the boots are slightly tighter than I'd like.