Do forum users want to know a well known seller has offered a discount to us?

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  1. Being relatively new to this site I thought I should check before letting you all know that a CL power seller has offered free shipping and a discount to all people who use this forum (I also have not yet mentioned the name of the forum to this seller).

    It got offered during my search for laponos when I was negotiating, I have no connection with her. I don't want to break protocol and am in a dilemma as it may look like an ad for the shop but it helps you guys save money if you do use this seller.

    I am taking advice before posting the offer as I don't want anyone getting mad at me. Do I advise of the offer? :confused1:
  2. Posting an offer made by someone is is okay, I believe. You just cannot advertise your own items or business. :flowers:
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    If you are referring to NGG, then this was already discussed in a prior thread.
  4. Well so long as they realised they're going to be flooded with offers from us all in the UK I guess it's ok to list lol
  5. Oh, I love NGG. What is the discount, though?
  6. ^^$10.
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    Yeah you are all too clever. Is NGG, she said free shipping to all forum members plus an added discount - didn't specify amount. If it's $10 it's hardly worth a thread! Free shipping is good tho.

    Won't bother to start thread as you mentioned this is already on the forum. I didn't tell her which forum but she was happy for people to say the shoe forum.

    Oh well, no biggie then. If anyone wants free shipping i've logged it here then. Thx guys, I bow to your superior knowledge:cutesy:
  8. You're not a moron. Thanks for the information.
  9. #9 Aug 22, 2008
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    I type so fast I always have to edit after cos of ridiculous typo's! Hence I decided that, on this edit, when I read back it was so illegible I was indeed a moron.

    But thx for saying i'm not, I may however be clincially shoe-insane :nuts:

    Hope the free shipping helps someone.
  10. Sorry for my ignorance..but what is NGG?
  11. natural gas girl.. the ebay seller who has an inside source. she sells manolos/loubies, etc at a markup.
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