DO fillers under the eye hurt a lot?


Jan 31, 2014
The Netherlands
I had botox in my crow's-feet and did not feel a thing. Ive also had filler in multiple places and the only place it hurted for me was on the sides of my nose.
So would not worry if i were you.


Dec 19, 2016
i think its a personal preference thing. I did it before and it hurt a lot. Loveband fillers, i mean


Jan 23, 2017
Botox needles are very small, much smaller than most needles for fillers and the volume is less also, for most areas after a mild topical anaesthetic I couldn't even feel them.

I found it depended on the area around the eye and the type of filler. I believe I had Juvederm but not 100% sure. I have had both Restylane and Juvederm in other areas and under the eyes was the most uncomfortable but I wouldn't say it was painful. If you use a strong topical anaesthetic (they had 25% lidocaine gel at the place I went to, left on for 30 mins) and then ice, it is not more uncomfortable than using the fillers with lidocaine added as an injectable. I have also had a hyaluronic acid + vitamin C filler to top up my under eye fillers and help with new collagen formation and for these I only had a mild anaesthetic. They used smaller needles on the vit C but the solution burned. All in all it was not uncomfortable enough for me to stop getting them, I had about 6 sessions with the vit C and several others with brand fillers.


Jul 9, 2016
i got filler under eyes right after chin implant
i felt nothing about the chin implant, (sleeping anes) but felt the filler under eyes,..

i felt pain <.<
i total 2cc


Jun 27, 2016
I had loveband fillers a few months ago. I'm someone who has a high tolerance for pain, but at that time I felt like I was gonna pass out... I'm getting it done again in a few days and I'm not looking forward to the pain!!! Brace yourself, I guess. Haha good luck!


May 26, 2016
Is this better than undereyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)? I heard it can also rejuvenate the eye area.


Dec 18, 2016
Is this better than undereyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)? I heard it can also rejuvenate the eye area.
But I think the two are completely diff? One is just fillers to fill in, while the other is actually cutting and pulling the skin?


Empress Dowager
May 25, 2011
I had 3 procedures today. Under eye fillers, cheek fillers, nose fillers and botox for V-Shape face. The results are amazing for all the fillers! I will only get to see the end results of the V-Shape outcome months down the road. I was contemplating whether to burn that money on a new pair of gorgeous Louboutins but I am glad I made the right choice and got my face fixed instead LOL! The pain was bearable but the nose fillers hurts like hell! I teared as soon as the needle went thru the nasal septum (that skin/cartilage in between our nostrils)! And mind you my threshold of pain is 10/10! Nevertheless, the results is FABULOUS! Perhaps I went to a very good and trustworthy Aesthetic Doctor. One MUST only go through these procedures done personally by a Doctor and not nurses or beautician! Please please take note of this ladies! DM me if you are based in Singapore and I will share with you where I had mine done! :smile: