Do Fendi Stores or Fendi Departments in Department Stores ever have Sales?

  1. I must live under a rock or something! I live in an area with no Fendi buying opportunities. Probably the closest stores are in NYC which is a 100 mile trip each way. Does anyone know if they do have sales and when they are so that I don't make that trip only to pay full price? TIA:confused1:
  2. Yes, Fendi boutiques as well as the major department stores put their Fendi items on sale. Usually, the standard spy colors do not go on sale. Almost all B bags go on sale, though. This should happen again around December--I'd watch the deals & steals subforum for when designer sales start at Neiman's and Saks. even had a few spys on sale this summer.
  3. When I bought my spy, the SA told me that Fendi never has sales ever since they are part of LV....hmmm interesting
  4. that is definitely not true. they also have outlets, unlike LV.
  5. yeaqh i heard fendi never has sales at all. but i dont know, but im sure i can find out for you
  6. I've definitely seen Fendi on sale at Neimans and Saks. Litgatrix is right- the next round probably won't be until Dec/Jan.
  7. I've seen them on sale at Bloomingdales.
  8. Did someone mention "outlets"? Where??????
  9. woodbury commons, ny, and orlando, fl.
  10. I'm out o here(not really)! Great tip!! Thanks!
  11. Can you post sale items on the next sale?
  12. Oh gosh, I hope many bbags go on sale! Even sales at the boutique?
  13. Fendi is owned by LVMH, but it does have sales.
  14. does anyone know where the Fendi outlet in Orlando is? I have also seen Fendi's in the NM outlet.
  15. I saw Fendis at the NM Last Call at Woodbury Commons last week!:yahoo: