Do Fendi bags ever go on sale?

  1. Hello Fellow TPFers.

    I have been after a Fendi B Bag for the last three months. After searching the internet and eBay I have decided the best way for me will be to go to a department store. So, the question: do Fendi bags ever go on sale? If they do, when is the best time to purchase one?

    Thanks so much!!!!
  2. yes, the B bags will definitely go on sale at the end of the season, if the last few seasons are any indication. It was pretty easy to find them at any of the major department stores in a big city. The last sale season just passed, and the next one would be around December (in the US).
  3. do the spys go on sale? If so how much are they usually reduced?
  4. Some spys have gone on sale before, but usually not the standard colors. It really depends on the store and the season, but I would say most of the time the spys that do go on sale would not make it past first mark-down.
  5. Thanks so much Litigatrix!!!!! I'll be patient and wait until December then.:p
  6. There are still a couple B bags on sale on netaporter, BTW
  7. you should also try they have discount on the fendi b and the fendi spy. many ladies said they order from jomashop and said they are legit. so tried them they have good selection

  8. Thanks so much! I saw the bag on Jomashop but I was a litlle concerned as the pics look too plasticky. They do have a great return p[olicy. I may take the chance and then post for authentication.

  9. I am looking fo the Fendi B shoulder bag. I am still thinking about Jomashop as they have a huge discount and good return policy. Thanks for the tip!!!!