Do Fendi bags come with a Fendi box or just a dustbag?

  1. I bought a bag from Intermix and it didn't come with a Fendi box, just a dustbag- is this how they are shipped from Fendi- without a box- or is it just Intermix?

    Just curious as all my other designer bags came in a box w/a dustbag.

    TIA! :yes:
  2. All my Fendi bags have only come in dustbags. They may come with boxes but I was never asked. The only bags which comes with a box without me asking is Hermes and Chanel.
  3. Add Louis Vuitton to that to. They comewith boxes mostly.
  4. My Fendi bags have all only come with dustbags. However, I just bought a wallet from the Fendi Miror collection and the wallet came with a bright yellow box and a dustbag.
  5. Fendi does not as a rule issue boxes for their bags, in England they do not have them so I have been told
  6. I've purchased all of my Fendi bags from Bloomingdale's and none of them have come with boxes - just dust bags.
  7. Hmm..I wonder why?
  8. i interned at fendi in NY and they gave everyone boxes with their bags
  9. would love that job!
  10. You interned at Fendi??? :nuts:

    Um, ok WOW I would never be able to do that... I'd be into Fendi up to my eyes trying to pay down all the bags I'd get!! :yahoo:

    " Miss SELLERIA, are you trying to seduce me??"
  11. haha yeah i loved it there, everyone was so nice
  12. I've bought Fendi at the boutique here and also at NM and neither places gave boxes. It actually didn't even occur to me to ask for me which is unfortunate because those boxes come in handy!
  13. So far my Fendi Bags only came with dustbags and I suppose it will be the same with the spy I ordered lately. Boxes will be nice but after looking at my Coach boxes, I suppose I can do without them as well. Unless I have a room dedicated for just them. ;p
  14. I bought my Spy from Saks. It came w Saks box..
  15. same here:smile:but maybe if you buy bags from the Fendi boutique, you have to specifically request a box:shrugs: