Do fake Burberry Earmuffs exist?

  1. I'm not really a Burberry connaisseur, but I would love to buy a pair of the earmuffs, they're lovely! They are pretty expensive for a small winter accessory, so I have been looking on eBay to see if I could save a few dollars. Have the earmuffs been knocked off, to anyone's knowledge? I was wondering if maybe it wasn't a desirable enough product to even bother making fakes, but who knows...?
  2. absolutely. Fake Burberry EVERYTHING exists I think.
  3. Hehe, go to Canal Street NYC, you'll see people dressed from head to toe in fake burberry! LOL. Im not kidding.
  4. DARN!! Aren't there ANY exemptions, lol?? Can you tell from photos of the tag is they're real or not? tell-tale signs?
  5. Unfortunately, everything is copied! It's a shame! I have an authentic pair and I love to wear them especially in the Winter! Love 'em!!!
  6. Try having them authenticated on the "Authenticate This... Burberry" thread. Good Luck!
  7. ^ Lol, my thoughts EXACTLY.
  8. i once saw fake burberry kleenex box holders.