Do Factory Stores Mark Up Prices? I'm Confused!!


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
The OpArt sm/med & Lg. Sabrina's will be priced JUST as they are on I purchased a Julianne at my outlet and the price prior to markdown was the exact same price as the FP and website. This had to have been a mis-marked bag, the outlets KNOW that WE KNOW what their bags retail for. I know that Coachqueencoach just got her IKAT Sabrina at Aurora and the MSRP was the same as all the department stores and the boutique's. Coach factory stores don't mark their FP transfer bags up. I would inquire about this with a manager and/or call Coach corporate if they tell you that $398 is IN FACT the regular MSRP for the small Sabrina regardless if it's OpArt or leather that was NEVER the MSRP!!!!

Maybe JAX should be made aware of this!!!

It was the small, and the EXACT same bag at nordstroms. The large print sabrinas were $498 at the outlet and $398 at nordstroms. Don't understand why they are different prices? Sooo weird... ? I wonder how much they cost at the non-factory coach store. I will investigate soon :smile: (excuse to go in.. lol)
Jun 12, 2007
Yep. My Ikat was 358.00 ( i got small, i know large is more monies) and i got 30% off of that, then i bought that on the last coupon week too. I think things can get mismarked or mistagged,but its rare.


Jul 19, 2009
I've noticed some price fluctuations at the factory stores.

I'ts like they are playing games with the prices and the coupons.

Maybe they thought no one would notice?