Do fabric bags last a long time?

  1. This is a question for anyone who currently owns a toile or checkered fabric H bag... I was just wondering if it would last as long as the leather & exotic variety? In other words, would I be able to pass it on the next generation or is that wishful thinking? TIA!:flowers:
  2. Toile will outlast leather. It is practically indestructible. It could be stained by something that could not be cleaned off.

    The checkered fabric is different material and would not be so durable, IMO.
  3. ^^ Wow that's nice to know indeed! I always thought leather outlasts toile.
  4. I have a toile Joige that is 30 years old. The toile has gotten a patina, but you would never know it was a thirty year old bag.
  5. ^^ someone here told me the toile is like firehose material. Would you toile owners say that is about right also?

    geeeez, I got to get to the H store! This is pathetic.

  6. ^^ Are all toile used in H bags the same? Coz if they are then it IS firehose material. That's what my SA told me anyway, regarding the toile used in Garden Party bags.
  7. actually the bag that i had in mind has a cashmere exterior.
  8. ^^ They are also very hard to get dirty and very easy to look after my SA tells me. Quite amazing isn't it? If paired with leather, they make a very nice combination.