Do eyelash curlers weaken eyelashes ?


Sofa King Banned
Feb 11, 2016
Hi so I long before used to use only mascara and would have long nice lashes even before and i would even get asked if there real with mascara on. Now I’ve been using eyelash curlers almost daily for around 2 years my eyelashes are good but I see more falling out and they seem to be a lot less. I took a break from mascara almost completely for three weeks and curled my lashes maybe for only 4 days in those 3 weeks but in general I’ve seen an improvement but idk if it’s from using the curler less or mascara [emoji848]


Professional Make-up Artist
Oct 17, 2018
I would have to say no. However, if there is any bit of mascara left on the lashes after removal from the previous night, lashes can break when curling them, but not always, but it will weaken them over time if not removed every night. Just make sure your lashes are clean and free of all mascara before you curl them.
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