Do Epi Speedys sag like the others?

  1. For those who have epi speedys, have you had issues with sagging like the others? (i.e. canvas, etc...) If so, could you post pics and also indicate how long you've had it? Thanks...
  2. No sagging.
  3. ^^^^I disagree -- certainly it doesn't sag as awfully as the canvas version, but I have an epi speedy 30 and it does sag some -- enough to make the bag look misshapen. It's one reason I'm not crazy about the bag. If I put a magazine in the bottom it helps some. Or I guess if you don't carry a lot, it wouldn't sag so much. But what's the point of having the bigger size 30 if you can't put a lot in it? :smile:

    Maybe the 25 doesn't sag because it's smaller?
  4. My 30 doesn't sag. Maybe it depends on how much stuff you carry.:shrugs: Mine looks like this when I carry it:
  5. I don't have any problem with my black epi 30. I 've had it since last december and don't carry it everyday-but its wonderful. No sagging or crimps,yet anyway.
    I get more complements from that bag than any other LV I own. IT IS GORGEOUS!
  6. <<-----I have the 25, no sagging.
  7. 25 has minimal distortion while the 30 sags a little & kind of bows in the middle, looks good nontheless. Pams is a good illustration, nothing more drastic than that.
  8. My epi 25 doesnt sag at all. It holds the shape very well too.
  9. have sagging even when it's empty
  10. The 25 doesn't really sag, but it bows a little in the middle, I love it & think it looks great all the time.
  11. my Epi mocha 25 doesnt sag at all !
  12. My epi 25 does not sag, it is a wonderful bag! :love:

  13. I have had my red Epi Speedy 30 for three days and have used it the last two days. It is a gorgeous bag - no doubt. I love large bags (hence the 30) because I do carry quite a bit and it sags a little, just a tiny bit. I'm afraid it will get worse... As Gibbs2424 indicated, what's the point of having the big bag if you can't put a lot into it. I don't mean to repeat myself, but it is a GORGEOUS bag; however, I may exchange for a more structured one :crybaby: . I want something a little more practical for the sum of money I'm spending. It is too beautiful not to use often and I wouldn't want to have to place magazines or cardboard to hold its shape.

    On the other hand, I looovveee my Epi Alma!

    I'm torn....please help!:sad:

  14. Luv Classics, ITA with you! I love big bags too, but the epi speedy 30 is just not for me. I hate that I HAVE to put a magazine in the bottom to make it hold its shape. It is also just too bulky-looking for me. I have the Toledo Blue version so it is pretty bright and attention-getting. The color is gorgeous, but I think I am going to get rid if it -- occasionally I see a Toledo Blue Alma on ebay, so I might just have to watch closely and snap up the next one! I have 2 epi Almas already (new red w/silver hardware and the mandarin) and I love them! Unfortunately they don't hold quite as much as the Speedy 30s, but they do hold quite a bit. Good luck with your decision!
  15. My mandarin 25 does NOT sag at all......