Do elux orders come wrapped with tissue and tie/ribbon? I got a used azur speedy.

  1. I just got my package and I'm disapointed. No tissue, no tie/ribbon. And worst of all, the Speedy 25 is used!! :sad: Its obviously patinaed and it has light greyish marks inside and a strand of hair. Ekk... its obviously been used. Called elux to tell them and the lady on the phone just monotonously said "oh all of our items go through inspection.' Now I have no speedy. Not thrilled.
  2. ewww. call back and ask to speak so a manager/supervisor. Then ask them to pick the speedy up to return or send you a free return label to ship it back. There is nooo way you should have to pay to return this bag!! Oh and make sure you make a little fuss about it w/the supervisor. Someone on here had a bad experience w/elux and they ended up sending her a $75 gift certificate to her when they shipped her new bag out to her!
  3. Defintely call back to complain to the manager or supervisor. You do not have to accept a bag that has already been worn. Don't settle for less. I hope you get a brand new one. Good luck!
  4. Ok, theyre out of stock on the azur speedy 25. I pretty irritated I've been waiting all week for this and its so used! I didnt speak to a supervisor or manager but they are sending me a paid shipping label. Do elux lv purchases normally come with tissue and the whole packaging?

    They obviously didn't inspect the speedy very well before sending it out to me, does anyone know if they note the date codes before sending it out?
  5. Please call back, and I am sure someone will be glad to help you.

    I'm so sorry this happened to you. It sounds as if this bag has been used and then returned. Eluxury has such a liberal return policy that I know some people will use a bag for a few weeks or month, and return it. I just can't believe some people. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  6. Yes, all my purchases from Eluxury have included the dust cover, boxes, and etc.
  7. I have received small items from elux with the pretty orange ribbon tied around the LV boxes. Never any tissue paper, but always nicely packaged.

    I'm so sorry your speedy wasn't as nice as it should have been. Someone really messed that up. Let elux know about it!!
  8. Last time I ordered an Indigo Small Agenda, and looked like it had been used. I called 1-877 number and spoke with a guy named Kai (?? sorry forgot his name), and he told me to send back the item. So I did and I got my money back. You should try to call again and ask to speak with him if possible.
  9. I've received 3 items from Elux and I am pleased with each purchase.
    I always get a gift box (LV box). I've never gotten a ribbon. I don't think they add tissue. However, they do send the dust cover with the handbag or other item inside.

    I would MOST DEFINITELY send that item back to them. I would be ticked off if I received and obviously used item..especially with a hair in it....AHHHH I would be more than a little ticked....LOL. Make them send you a new bag!
  10. Back in the day elux used to include their purple ribbon, but no more. Purchases always come with box and dust cover. During the holidays the purchases were coming with the orange ribbon, but on my recent orders, no ribbon.

    Sorry to see what happened with your order. Definitely call them and speak to a supervisor. Good luck!
  11. Yes, I'll admit I'm usually particular about my LV's but this time... right upon opening the box, the condition is so apparent that anyone would be able to tell that the bag has been used and carried and has had stuff put inside. It's even more used than my well taken care of 6 month old mono speedy! :roflmfao: Someone definitely had their share of fun with it.

    I called back and spoke with someone much nicer than the first lady. I'll be returning the speedy when I recieve the return label. Unfortunately, they dont have anymore in stock. I wonder when they will be getting dentelle in stock?
  12. I am so sorry to hear this, I would be fuuuuuuming..
  13. that's kinda scary considering I have yet to receive mine........which they said by Friday 5pm AST.
  14. I am right there with ya! I ordered a Pomme agenda and received it and it was broken!!! So I called and she told me that they didn't think they were getting anymore so they would send me a return label but sorry I wasn't getting this very hard to find item! So long story short I was without the agenda and they didn't do anything about it! Thankfully 866 found me one but that was a hassle in itself! Anyway as for the packaging, it always comes in a box with dustbag but no tissue or ribbon etc. I won't be ordering from them anymore, much better from a boutique.
  15. Mine came also with out the plastic on the handles and I thought the same thing that it had been used- there were no marks on the bag itself but the dustbag had a spot on it- I decided to sent it back since I wasn't sure about the size- I told them about the handles not having the plastic and the girl told me they are suppose to take it off before shipping- now I don;t know what to believe- good luck finding your speedy