do EDITHs hold their value?

  1. Do you think Ediths hold their value? I don't mean for this post in any way to be construed as a sale post but after seeing all the fakes on ebay and auctions ended at such low's such a shame.
  2. I am not sure, actually. I notice that in general the resale value on designer bags are not high, unless the bag is hard to get at the moment. If people can get the bag at the department store for $100 more AND get the piece of mind of knowing it's 100% authentic they wouldn't waste their time buying a used bag.

    Also, Ediths are no longer considered rare...they are more common than some paddington colours, in fact. Her resale value has been mostly around $800-900 dollars. That's pretty low for a bag that was just released.

    That being said, I loved my Edith and it was worth the retail amount I paid for her. I miss her now, but the prospect of having to find another "perfect" Edith has really stalled my repurchasing time!
  3. I'm considering the same thing. I love both my Ediths (chocolate and chamois) but I keep thinking I should return one and keep only one.
    A credit to my NM card would be so welcoming!
  4. ^^If you do, I would send the chamois back (or sell it). Your chocolate is TDF!

    I'm wondering the same thing too, especially since the new fall bags are coming out!!
  5. The chamois is seriously TDF IRL too! And it's the only bag I have in that color family.

    I have 4 chocolate bags right now: Paddington Bowler (Box); Silverado Tote; Edith; Chocolate Muse. The Muse is being exchanged for a choco Chanel later on this month. I wanted to love the Muse, but the style is not doing it for me.

    So I have put both the choco Paddy Bowler and choco Edith on the chopping block. Who will go, who will stay? And just for the record in case the mods are viewing :biggrin:, I do not intend to sell either of these bags. It's a return scenario only.
  6. Roey, I think your choco Paddy bowler is so perfect. I think you should hold onto it since it is your only choco Paddy. You have and love the chamois Edith (you don't want to give it up) & I think it is unique in that color (most of them I've seen everyone have are whiskey or choco). As far as the Edith goes, I have whiskey and I had actually thought about getting the choco when they called but decided that one Edith was good enough. But I guess what it would come down to is: 'Do you use your choco Edith more or your Choc box?" and also maybe "Is the new Chanel choco bag you are getting closer in style to the Edith or Box (or neither)?" Tough decision.
  7. Golden, your opinions are always invaluable since you appreciate a really nice bag! :biggrin: I was just in the mirror with both bags contemplating their fate before coming back here and finding your reply.

    Choco Bowler is adorable and unique but what it lacks is functional space. The inside is roomy but if filled with everything I put in the Paddy satchel it's heavy because it is a more compact bag. The outside pockets on the Bowler are kind of useless too; they're smaller than the Paddy satchel and don't run the length of the bag. I can squish keys in there and a lipstick at best. Not sunglasses or a cell phone. The Bowler requires more planning before use.

    Edith is great, so easy to get in and out of, holds a ton. A little wide but I deal. Much more practical. In the fall/winter I used both bags a fair amount (both still look pristine!); however, neither are getting much use this summer, plus they are competing with the new Chanels.

    The new Chanel has not been completely decided, but it would most likely resemble Edith in shape versus the Bowler.

    Another thing to consider with the Bowler is the price. I paid full price ($1575), whereas Edith was purchased with a $125 gift card. To see that $1575 credit on my NM charge would be beau-ti-ful!
  8. ^^^ Roey, sounds to me like you have nearly talked yourself through making your own choice and the fate of the little Chloe box is almost 'sealed' (heehee). That is a pricey little bag (+ tax is even more). Please let us know the final outcome of your difficult decision! :smile:
  9. Yup, my mind is just about made up. I keep telling myself that it's only a handbag. People are dying in the middle east and I'm obsessing over a purse. Besides, it's like breaking up with a boyfriend. You think you're gonna miss him when he's gone but after some time passes you don't give it a second thought. :lol: I'll live, and the Bowler will find a wonderful new home!
  10. I do love the Edith, but I have noticed that they are easier to find as hard to find not too long ago. As for holding value...I feel they are doing fairly well. Yes, the value has declined, but only the fair amount.
  11. Roey, what size is you chamois Edith? :graucho:
  12. Don't want to offend but are you considering returning a bag you bought and "used a fair amount in fall/winter" to the store? Is this allowed? :wtf:
  13. Estile, whether or not to return a used bag is a much debated topic here on the PF. Some women think it is ok while some do not. What you personally choose to think is right is up to you...

    ...but in regards to whether a department store will accept a bag, I know most department stores have very flexible return policies. Saks, for instance. They will accept a return no matter how long has passed as long as it is in "saleable" condition.
  14. WOW - Americans have incredibly generous return policies! Our top end stores will not allow returns after 14 days if it's on sale, and 28 days at regular price and it has to still be new! I'd be really pissed if I bought someone else's used bag from a department store.
  15. i never knew that! wow, my financial situation would be very different if i did...although i'm not sure i could return a bag i had used, that doesn't seem right somehow...:shrugs: