Do ebay sellers think we are fools?

  1. THe majority of posters on this site seem to know what they are talking about and yesterday (ot to pat myself on the back) but when I ordered a bordeaux reissue 2.66 on the phone from bloomies, the SA knew I knew what I wanted and what I was talking about, come on, I don't care whether you are mega rich or poor - is is a 2000 dollar bag and we all know it ... so just to check and see what ebay was selling, out of the hundreds of chanels they have, only a small hand full were selling over 500 dollars. How in the world is that posssilbe. Are they stolen? Outright fakes? How do you advertise a ligne cambon bag as brand new (when they don't make them anymore!!!) and sell it open bid for 50 dollars!!!

    And what do the ebay people do??? Nothing? Shouldn't someone alert Chanel and the other major houses about this scam? In the it only hurts them because gullible buyers will never buy not just from ebay but they will never buy from chanel either ....

    For me i am in a situation right now where i have a lot of disposable income but it is coming to an end in december so i won't be able to buy every trendy bag on the market, i have to be extraordinarily choosy ... and pick with care, and it there is something I want, like an hermes kelly, either I save up for it and forego other bags or i don't get it but why kid yourself and embarrass yourself and buy a fake?? Who are you trying to impress? The people at ebay???
  2. this really angers me - I had a perfectly fine vintage Chanel on ebay a few weeks ago and VeRO took it can the obvious fakes stay listed?

    I have it in writing now from Chanel in Paris that it is authentic - I even have the exact date of manufacture!
  3. I suppose it is all in the description. Ebay has set certain rules but obviously the loopholes are all over the place and even with those super fake pictures, the sellers that play by the rules still get to keep their auctions.
  4. I just listed a new Coach bag at $.99, that they don't make anymore. I actually list almost all my bags like that. Some sellers do that. I'm not taking up for the people who sell fakes, since most are fakes, but that's not a very good observation to rule all low opening bids as fakes.

    Also, a lot of buyers don't know that they are fakes. They are trusting the seller based on feedback, and that the seller states it's authentic. Ebay can't police all auctions. They rely on members to report these auctions. A lot of times the auctions aren't pulled, based on there is not enough evidence to prove it's fake. Chanel knows about these scams, due to they have a very strict VERO program with Ebay.
  5. Let the buyer beware. I personally feel that if you're gonna spend money on a high end bag and then you win one on ebay for $300...its your own fault if you got a fake. When I do a search on ebay I START at the highest priced item for what I'm looking for. Thats not to say a fake seller wouldnt try to do a BIN at $2000, but I make damn sure I know what I'm looking at. If in doubt, I dont buy it. There are only 3 or 4 reliable bag sellers that I buy from on ebay....MOST bags on ebay are fakes. Since there are too many for ebay to take care of, you yourself have to be educated about what youre buying....I used to waste many hours reporting sellers to ebay. I cant be bothered with that anymore, its a waste of time. Ebay is too overloaded. Fake bags arent the only things they have to police. I'm certainly no expert about the bags I buy, and I would never authenticate one here on this forum for anyone, but I know enough for my own purchases and I go with my gut instinct. and so far so good. The fakes will always be there, in fact it will get worse with time! Theres nothing you can do about them (the seller who sell fake bags). They are like cockroaches, they will never be eradicated!
  6. I am so frustrated with ebay! I've been trying to find an authentic Fendi Spy Bag or a Dior Gaucho for about the last month and everytime i do a search on ebay, there are about 50 Spy Bags that have a BIN for around $40-$80!!! This is a $2000 bag we are talking about! WTF??? Same with the diors.

    I'm sick of having to rifle through all the trash every day. GRRRRRRRRRRR

    Don't even get me started on the snipers....