Do EBay read SNAD disputes ??

  1. I had cause to open a SNAD against a seller recently, low value item. I approached the seller through eBay messages first but the reaction was, basically, "Go Away". So I opened a SNAD on eBay. I escalated it to Customer Support when the timeframe allowed and, literally, one minute later the case was closed in my favour and I was refunded.

    Not that I am complaining but did anyone from eBay really read the correspondence and make a decision in that short space of time?

    It also says it was a 'courtesy credit' yet when I sign into Paypal it looks as though they have reversed the funds from the seller.

    No one has asked me to return the item either.

    Is this normal? I can see why sellers don't like selling if this is the shape of things to come.
  2. who knows... you think they would pay attention but they are probably

    so inudated with claims that when a certain amount of time elapses

    the claim just gets settled..

    since you have been given a credit, would let the seller know you would

    like to return the item ... if they don't acknowledge you would hold on

    to it for a few weeks just in case the seller decides they want it back,,, IYKWIM..
  3. This certainly doesn´t encourage any selling, very scary. Maybe they don´t bother reading if the amount is low enough? Who knows what goes through their minds (null)?
  4. Did the seller respond to the dispute at all? My understanding is if a seller blows off the dispute or fails to respond during the "Work It Out" phase, once it's escalated it will automatically be decided in the buyer's favor.

    Agree with what hotshot said about possibly returning the item but if the seller doesn't respond to you then there's not much you can do.
  5. OP - I feel the same way. Someone filed a SNAD against me recently but unlike you they did not attempt to contact me first. My buyer was in possession of the item for 4 weeks before filing the claim. I responded to the claim immediately by stating that she could return the item for a refund but as soon as I replied she escalated the claim and received a "courtesy refund" within hours. I don't understand why ebay allows this.
  6. Of course I would return it should the seller respond. What I don't know at the moment is whether it was a genuine credit paid by Ebay or whether they have reversed funds from the seller.

    The seller did respond to the dispute numerous times, with the same attitude that was displayed when I first messaged her via EBAY messaging system.