Do dogs know when other dogs are sick?

  1. Many of you know that we are dealing with Betty, our dear Rottie's, cancer at the moment and was wondering if any of you think that dogs know when other dogs are ill? Sometimes it seems that my other rottie, Blitz, acts much more loving to Betty and a bit more careful around her so as not to "hurt Her". I also notice that our other dog, Bella, isn't roughhousing with her any more lately. They used to jump all over each other and Bella has backed off lately and licks her face more often than usual. Could just be me imagining things but would like to hear your thoughts and/or experiences.
  2. I can offer that birds do. A year ago, one of our parrots was extremely ill with kidney failure (due to auto-immune disease which was only truly diagnosed during autopsy). She acted completely normal for her last few days though, except for a small limp (kidney was pressing on the nerve to her leg).

    Another of our parrots, who for years was always going over to "visit" our sick little baby, was much more careful with her during those last few days, despite the fact that the only visible symptom (to humans at least) was her limp. The other parrot definitely acted just as you describe --- "more careful" with her.

    You have our prayers and sympathies. :sad:
  3. Yes, They definitely know. Some dogs will even attack a weaker dog. I have seen Greyhounds try to attack another dog just before he had a seizure. (foster dogs, not ones that have been together for a while) I have also seen dogs "nurse" another dog that was ill. Animals are usually a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Even my cats will care for each other when one isn't feeling well. My Maggie knows that Bellis is somehow different (she is blind) and treats her differently than she does the others. If Bellis bumps into her she just ignores it. Any other cat will get a swat. LOL Blitz and Bella sound very sweet. They know their sister needs some extra care and are giving it to her. You are definitely not imagining it.
  4. Hi Miu2!
    I do think they do can sense it... even with human.
    I was really sick a few years back with a stomach flu and I was living by myself. My cats sat by my side as I was in my bed.
    Maybe your other dogs always sense your worry toward Betty and they had picked up on it.
    once again, I am sorry about Betty and my prayers are with you and betty
  5. ^^ Yup. Dogs definitely know. They communicate through non-verbal cues and I'm sure they know instantly when something changes or becomes unbalanced. I'm glad your other dogs are more careful around her rather than aggressive. We're crossing our paws and sending weenie dog vibes your way!
  6. Hmmm, just confirms my belief that animals are purely creatures of God. Such amazing, pure of heart and truly wonders of the world. No judgments or criticisms from them and they treat us everyday as if it were the first time they have seen you in years. Humans could sure learn some life-lessons from these angels sent by God for us to be blessed with. No wonder they are only with us for such a short period of time. Because they are pure and truly altruistic. I know that they don't require many lessons from God because they already "get it". I fell so blessed to have been part of their lives if even for such a short while.
  7. I completely agree! I highly recommend the book "Cold Noses at The Pearly Gates". This book was so helpful when I lost my boxer girl last year. It points out several passages in the bible that tells us how important animals are to God; and there are several passages in the Bible that talks about animals in heaven. The author also points out that it was no mistake Christ was born in
    a manger with animals to witness the birth of God's son.

    My husband And I believe our male boxer knew our girl was sick before we did.
  8. I think you nailed it... I am an animal lover and I have just adopted a 6 yr old yorkie poo... I only have him for 3 days and he showers me with love and affection already (he brings me his favorite toy whenever he sees me)... as if he forgot how he was treated before

    I think you are amazing with your charity and it is so great to see how it blossomed. You have also inspired me adopted then buying a pet when I was looking for a new family member.

    you are an angel.
  9. I absolutely think animals know when another one is ill.

    They might not speak human language, but their instincts and perceptions most likely top ours.

    :hugs: to you in this difficult time!
  10. I absolutely agree with this whole post!

    You may have heard this before: "Dog is God spelled backwards"

    I definitely think that they not only sense that other dogs are ill, but humans as well. In fact, there are studies that dogs can smell cancer in humans. Amazing creatures :love:
  11. If we encourage just one person to adopt a shelter dog, it is worth every bit of work we put into the rescue group we have formed!!

    I feel as though Betty is in every single shelter dog that is adopted considering she was the reason we started the foundation, HEAL!!
  12. yes they know. there are actually dogs that are trained to "smell" cancer in humans. all animals pretty much have this sense. its part of survival. for example, if an animal in a herd is sick or wounded, it would most likely be abandoned because it would become a liability and attract predators. your dogs being as close as they are in a protected household don't have to abandon each other so its not surprising that they are gentle with each other.
    sending lots of love to your sick little doggie. I hope she is comfortable and it sounds like she has a very loving and caring environment so she is in the best place possible!
  13. I absolutely believe they can sense things that we don't even know. Dogs can tell when their people aren't feeling well physically or emotionally and they can also tell with other animals. IMO, they are very intuitive.

    My love to Betty and you, my dear.
  14. senting hugs to you.. animals have 6th sense i guess
  15. Nearly 18 years ago I brought a kitten into a home where there was already an older cat. The older cat wanted absolutely nothing to do with the kitten and rebuffed all of her friendly overtures, sometimes not very gently. A few months later I got the kitten spayed, and when I brought her home the little drama queen dragged herself to a sunny spot on the carpet and laid down to rest. The older cat watched her from the sofa for a minute, then jumped down and, to my amazement, laid down beside her! They napped there in the sunshine together all day and were friends from that day til the day the older cat died.

    On the other end of the spectrum, my Mathilda was relentlessly "picked on" by some of my other cats and just generally had what we called "omega" (opposite of "alpha") status in the herd . She ended up being diagnosed with a congenital heart condition when she was 5 (which she died of) and I've often wondered if the other cats "knew" she was "flawed" and destined not to live long.

    My prayers are with you and Betty, miu2.