Do dogs get reflux?


Jan 5, 2007
My little 4 lb Chihuahua, "Baby" loves food. She eats her kibble so fast, I have started putting a little warm water on some of it, and giving her smaller portions, twice a day. She eats so fast, she burbs. I had changed her food to adult to try it, but switched back to the growth formula, because the kibble is smaller.

She seems to have reflux, but never actually throws up. She also gags every now and then. Sometimes I also hear a little rattle or heavy breathing like she is a bit congested, which I hear is common in small Chi's.

She is 14 months old, energetic, happy and playful. Eats and drinks normal amount, but is always ready for a treat.

I have read about Chihuahua's and reverse sneezing and Collapsed Trachea. She does not "honk". Her last check up at the Vet's was 4 moths ago for a Rabies Vacc.


Mar 20, 2006
you described my dog's symptons...she doesn't eat too fast but sometimes she gags and coughs after eating, hoping it's not a more serious problem....:confused1:


May 3, 2007
Lonesome Dove
Hi Decocritter-
She's very cute!
You're right-collapsing trachea is more of a coughing. You can usually find the spot by palpating the trachea-there will be a trigger point which elicits coughing. Is the gagging mostly after eating? I have a heeler that eats so fast he actually does "burp" after a meal. One good trick for small dogs is to put a golf ball in the kibble-they have to work around it, and it slows them down. Next vet visit, have them listen for heart murmurs-though I'm sure they would have heard during the exam for the Rabies Vax. Dogs can "reflux" like us-I don't worry too much unless there's vomiting-that could signal a poor ability to empty the stomach, or a partial obstruction. Really though, it sounds like she's ok.


Feb 8, 2006
Chicago, IL
Sounds like a snarf 'n barf. That's what my Ripley does. I feed her twice a day, 3/4 cup each time, and I only put a very small amount in the bowl about 10 times until it's gone. It's the only way to keep her from hurling. Some dogs are just this way, especially if they were starved like my Ripley was. :sad: