Do do do, do do do Little Debbie!

  1. No I don't like this bag sorry
  2. Yes, it caught my eye at Nordies the other day. Not sure if I like the closure.
  3. not my favorite--especially in the lighter color. The zipper pulls are just too much for me.
  4. Don't really like it - there's too much going on...
  5. Concur, this bag is too "busy" for my tastes and I have seen the lock mechanism IRL: PITA for sure!!
  6. HATE the zipper pulls. maize is fugly, brown is ok.

    you know, i actually got the large debbie as a cool carryon (i like it as luggage) - it was a bday present, and not really a usable as a shoulder bag so i don't even consider it my first chloe (i bought an edith satchel, though - hope i like that!). but i actually like the clasp, it's different and not too hard to work. but again, i'm using this as luggage and not as a shoulder bag.

    hope that helped...
  7. Nay for me.
  8. No, there's waaay too much embellishment for me.
  9. sry not liking the bag, and looks like it would be pretty inconvenient to get my wallet out when i'm holding a coffee with the other hand.
  10. It's ok, not a show stopper :shrugs:

  11. ITA!

  12. ITA. :yes:
  13. A wait for sale time bag for sure ;)

  14. It feels like they raped the poor Tracy bag to achieve this?:push: