Do Dior SAs work on commision?

  1. Do Dior SAs work on commision? Just curious.
  2. my SA says no
  3. hmm that's weird....I thought they all did. I'm writing a complaint letter to corporate and was just curious.
  4. oh please give us all the details or even post the letter here ! and keep us informed ! i really wanna know what their attitude will be like will they care or will they behave like SAs themselvs ? :confused1:
  5. I think they do, but maybe it explain why some of the SA's attitude are so snoby, maybe because they don't get the commission so they don't care if it makes the sales. I had such a bad expereince at some Hermes stores I can't stand the attitude. I come to store to spend some money to treat myself and I treat every SA with respect just it would be nice if SA do the same to us. but I have to say most of the DIOR SA in NYC, Beverly Hills, are wonderful! except in San Francisco.... there is one SA in SF is not nice, which I won't name names here.
  6. I got the impression from my Dior SA in the Dior boutique in the Saks Tysons Galleria (in McLean, VA) that she works on commission. She didn't say so in so many words, but she asked whether I had looked for the white patent Lady Dior medium that I wanted at the Dior boutique in Chevy Chase, MD, which is only half a mile from my house, and I said I drive by it every day. She said, "I'm glad you came to me." From that I inferred she makes commission on sales.
  7. Eminere - Help! Do Dior SAs work on commission?
  8. Did it occur to you that she could simply be happy to see you and to know that you are loyal to her?
  9. I can't answer that, sorry.
  10. :yahoo:;)

    I do not care if they are or not (working on commission)! If they're pleasant and know their stuff, like i.e. my local SA (manager)-who's leaving to Shanghai store...:sad: -I'll always come back to them!
    It goes without saying:smile:
  11. My thoughts exactly. ;)
  12. It seems to me that the OP asked a simple question of fact: whether Dior SAs work on commission. I don't think it's relevant whether we *care* about whether they work on commission.

    Also, I agree with eminere that my SA's comment, "I'm glad you came to me," instead of going to the Dior boutique nearer my house was indeed an expression of her appreciation for my loyalty. However, judging from the context and her manner of saying it, I think I reasonably infer that she was grateful for the commission as well as the loyalty.
  13. I'm not sure if this is true but I was told they have a quota to meet each quarter and their bonus base on it as well. I guess annual bonus is like commission ?
  14. Havent been in many Dior Stores, but the girls at T5 were lovely but the girls at the department store in Paris werent (in my opinion). Personally I thought they all worked on some sort of commission/bonus thing but what do I know!!
  15. I have to say Dior Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills SA has always been very professional and friendly! but San Francisco store, there are a couple who thinks they own the store and act snoby, I was like honey, is not like you are John Galliano actually designs the stuff or better yet, is not like they are the CEO of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy Bernard Arnault, not sure why some of they acting snoby, if they are friendly and know their stuff we'll be more than happy to spend our money with them! I can bet you they do make commission usually SA makes like 14% commission but i could be wrong. but I have to say PRADA Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills SA is friendly when you are buying stuff but like I bought a Prada bag but the triangle logo is not lining up straight with the top closure edge the same SA sold me the bag all of the sudden had a change of the the tone like " oh ok, we don't have any other to replace it" so I had to call other Prada stores to find out if they have to so they can replace it for me. bad experience!

    I have to say, I always treat the SA with great respect because they are working their to make a living,too. but they should also treat us with respect and being friendly to help, not like "I am too good for you to talk to me" kinda attitude, becaue honey! I've the AMEX black card ready to shop you want my commission, please be nice mmmmkaaay!? snap snap my fingers LOL